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  1. I need some ideas for my next project. I was thinking about something like a new Map. Anyone got any suggestions for me?
  2. If you ever need help with making a trainer as an EXE and not a Cleo file, Im always here. You got msn? Ill help further. What im here for
  3. Sure. www.gtasamodder.co.nr Click Downloads, Then modules. Thanks... Is this compatible with VB 6.0? Yes, my tutorials are showing how to make a trainer in vb 6.0
  4. Sure. www.gtasamodder.co.nr Click Downloads, Then modules.
  5. I don't know if this is the correct place to put this. But i just finished uploading my series on how to make a GTA SA Single player trainer to help the noobs. No flame and saying "You did it wrong" or "Why didn't you add this" etc, Really annoying and makes you look like you try to hard Part 1 , Episode 1 - http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=qTSv-jVTk0c Part 1 , Episode 2 - http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=c14Ys1-lyd8 Part 2 , Episode 1 (Only Episode in Part 2) - http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=tUxdc82rS0w Enjoy.
  6. @Someonesinyourhouse Either watch the full video or You don't need to cover the Rick Rolling up Lolz. @Llama People say Ric Roll'd , Somepeople say Rick Rolled, Some people say Rick Roll'd , People have more then 1 way of saying it. @Butters I no its not an easter egg, Its a JOKE. @macorules94 Wow.. Lolz. @I©e Yoooooo gooott rick rolled, Its a joke people, Get over it.
  7. Hey Everyone. I recently found a new Easter Egg on the GoldenGate bridge. IT IS EXTREMELY CLOSE TO THE OLD EASTER EGG "There is no easter eggs up here, go away" SIGN. But this easter egg is NOT that easter egg.. I have already premade a video for you.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qj1rhY_ZeM
  8. Yes, its called "GTA SA Admin Console". I want to make it similar to that. But not the exact same.
  9. Hey everyone. Well im looking for a team of GTA SA coders, That would like to help with the program im making. The program is called "Ultimate Teleporter", And if you didn't tell by the Title, it is a Teleporter. I've currently added these things. -Map -Key (Blue dots = location to teleport to, Black = area information, Yellow = Airports) -Teleport to your coords. -Add your own teleport (Max of 5, Im not sure how to Read information of a Text file, So i made my own Form to input the Coords and name so the teleport can read of that) Thats it. Here is what i want to be added. -Click somewhere on the map, It gives the coords. -Adding files, but saving them to a TXT and read of that, Not another form If anyone knows how to do either of those to (I think i forgot to mention, IM MAKING THIS IN VB6.0) I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. Hey everyone. Im TwistedMetal or Twisted. I can do alot of stuff on GTA SA, Mods, Trainers, Skins Etc. Im a stunter, Not a drifter
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