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  1. @chris: I can hardly imagine those settings on above mentioned 4850 Don, some good intel's aren't that expensive.. (freedom of choice!)
  2. Don, ASUS mobos are fine or lets just say - well done... but I would go for Intel platform (used to be AMD positive guy, but no longer) AMD just can't catch up (sadly) with latest technology... on the other hand, AM2 socket was here for quite some time now... only god knows how much longer will it stay (meaning - scarce chance of future upgrade) and this also applies LGA775, it is also somewhere at the end of it's existence... For a keyboard I'd go for Razer G11 & G15 are huge!! And one last question - what OS are you planning to use? If it's 32-bit then there is no use of 4GB Ram maybe go for 2GB. It won't save you much money but you can always upgrade... And for Ram once more... check your usage of mem when using your comp. even when playing games it hardly reaches 1,5GB (and that's Crysis) so I believe there is no use for 4GB just yet. I know telling you 2GB is enough when I - myself have 4 might look strange ) but I use MS Server 2008 64-bit with no pagefile and got few VM's running on it... for general purpose and gaming 2 is more than enough...
  3. DeAtH, read some articles, 8800gt has better or equal performance than 9600 google 8800GT vs 9600GT, you'll find some interesting debates about this topic...
  4. I agree... and I didn't say 9 series are bad cards... I only think that it is a crap from nVidia's side to sell same product in different package for a higher price... finally: 8800GT (GTS) is the way to go... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-g...-card,1987.html 8800GT costs now around $150 where Radeon 4870 costs $280 - which means for almost same money you can get 8800GT SLI!!! and this in some cases outperforms GTX280!!!!
  5. Hey Don, I'm kinda into HW and from what I read and know from my own experience best card for the money is still 8800GT (GTS). Do not compare nvidia 9 series for it is nothing more than g92core cards which means 9 series are crap... 8 series with new boxing and names... the most powerful 9 series card is GX2 but when you have 2 8800GT's in SLI they will outperform it.. 4870 is a good card though as mentioned before... there is still catalyst issue and the card is not overclockable (for now).. and if money is not a problem go for GTX280
  6. Yeah, right, but at least we got something to talk about until it hits the stores...
  7. You would be surprised .. hehe.. Of course it depends on specs, but just take a look in the past... honestly, how many people upgraded because of crysis?? And it's not only GTA4 coming out this fall... take Fallout3 for example... Mafia2
  8. After mocking from the console fan club The news bring some relief.. just can't wait till November
  9. Hello Everyone, just guess that's sufficient for the beginning, hehe..
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