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  1. azadarasa

    What the hell! please help me.

    There's your explanation. yeah i knew it... Vista is so fail, but only way to get xp , is downloading it
  2. azadarasa

    What the hell! please help me.

    I cant add car mods on my game. I can add new cars into my gta SA, but not in VC. Every time i add (I DO IT CORRECTLY!! DONT SAY THAT I CANT DO IT , THIS IS AN ERROR NOT AN ACCIDENT) mod into my gta vc and i start that game... 1. the game does not start. 2. the game starts bt freezes into loading. 3. Game works but i cant turn with Tommy, and if i press ESC it freezes. Thank you Vista u suck. please help (
  3. im running windows vista and i downloaded SPAWN (marvel skin) for gta sa. I did everything right ,i rebuilded imgtool archive and i have only the original player.img file in the gta sa models file and backup in a zip file... the thing is ,every time i start the game ,nothing is happened. no spawn attire ... just nothing!! not even game crashes... -.- i don't just get it ,do i need to "activate" the skin mod? ... i dont just find solution for this issue ,please if u know ,how to help me. JUST help me plz oh and btw , i went to all stores and started new game ,no results .. plz help me
  4. azadarasa


    OH MEN THANK YOU BUTTERS! ,it worked!
  5. azadarasa


    Make sure you have replaced the TXD files and the DFF files. You also need to rebuild the archive after you have installed the mod, and if you havemade a backup folder of Models, you need to use the one in the Main GTA SA folder ok i can try ,but i am not sure does it work , i allways remember to rebuild the archive and replace stuffs.
  6. azadarasa

    car speed

    All u gotz to do is open up handling.cfg in the SA directory, should be in data folder. Open using notepad, and turn word wrap off, ok now look for the car you want to speed up. You gonna see the codes, look for the bar at the top, it says A B C D blah blah.. ok, there, look for N and O.. N is rate of acceleration and O is top speed, or its backwards, trust me u'll notice which is which.. If you need more help.. just umm... reply =P nah ,if i try to save handling.cfg it wont let me save the changes...
  7. I know how to use img tool 2.0 , and i have windows vista . Every single time i edit gta3.img correctly , and i start the game.. no effect. example i download new weapon mod and i install it, nothing just happens ,no game crashes or anything ,NOTHING JUST HAPPENED. and other thing ,every single time i run img tool 2.0 , i get message "failed to set data for " " .I think that img tool doesent work on my computer ,but please help me!!!
  8. azadarasa

    car speed

    I am little bit confused about ,how to edit car speed. can someone really help me . my guestion is . What tools and mods i need to edit car speed. thank you
  9. azadarasa

    gta3.img and gta_int

    doesent help
  10. azadarasa

    Low Rider Challenge

    yeah , i don't really know what u r after ,but go true that low rider mission with keypad. just make custom control commands to the hydraulics i used u,j,h,k as hydraulic controls
  11. azadarasa

    gta3.img and gta_int

    I did something stupid , i downloaded -cj luxury home mod , and i tried to install the mod. I readed very carefully the instructions , and i tough that i did everything right ,but when i start the gta SA ,and i load my game save ,it just shows black window , now the stupid thing what did i do ,was that i forget to back up gta3.img and gta_int files (the modded files) . Now the game shows black screen when ever i start , i just need un-modded gta3.img and gta_int.... i have tried everything i,i tried to unistall and reinstall , still same modded and broken gta3.img and gta_int .PLEASE HELP i wan't to know how to fix thees files!!