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  1. Madelinot169

    Quad Mod Suggestions

    I think it would be cool to have a utility atv in SanAn such as the honda foreman 500 http://www.kenttractors.com/Album%201/Hond...0NEW%20quad.JPG Honda website http://www.honda.ca/MCPE/Motorcycle/Models...Model=TRX500FM8 And also as the atv has a 2x4/4x4 switch it would be cool to be able to press a button to switch from 2x4 to 4x4 Thanks
  2. Madelinot169

    Can you place cars anywheres in the city?

    Alright thanks man i'll try
  3. Say that i want to place a car at the garage in San Fierro and that i always want the car to be there. And that the car would be always the same model and same color. Is it possible and how can you do it?