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  1. I install the mods like .dff and .txd I extract to back them up first. (IMG tool) I replace with new files I rebuild the archive and it doesn't change the mods to the new ones. The only mods that work is when I install mods with SAMI. Is something wrong with IMG tool or what? Been doing this for a while Thanks.
  2. Oh Im sorry I no only no about computer

    No Idea about 360 sorry

  3. It's for Ps3, Xbox 360, PC...maybe other old consoles not sure though.

  4. Ok I really dont get how this is not working I use IMG tool to extract files then put new files in and I no there new because there more KB then the ones with the game. I rebuild the archive I go play the game and the gun is the same wtf? When I go back in IMG tool the new files are still there yet I dont have the new gun. Can somebody tell me what im doing wrong? Did I forget something? Thanks.
  5. I no. What I mean is if I mod the game and go try to play without that certain patch it wont load the game it will crash. I am going to mod it again Im asking what the hecks the patches problem....? Cause i no im going to need it after I mod it...
  6. Back before I deleted san andreas and said Id never do this again I had the patch where it downloaded to the game where if you dont have it downloaded it doesnt load the game and crashes in the beginning. Anytime I download it and try to install onto SA It says this:
  7. -GTA-


    Yeah thanks, I thought so you should see the guy on there reported it a bad site saying things that make no sense hes an idiot. Now I can play again and have some fun Any new mods lately?
  8. -GTA-


    Well I'm back I haven't been on since 2008 and I have a McAfee Siteadvisor, it's a big yellow box with a "!" that means mods that people download on here are bad to use back in 2008 this site was green now those idiots made it yellow, is it ok to use the mods still or will they give me viruses now? Thanks -GTA-
  9. I want to uninstall it and it wont let me keep saying "Sorry setup.exe has to be closed" I CANT DO ANYTHING PLEASE HELP!
  10. that sounds like it will work thank you.
  11. I can't uninstall GTA not that I want to, just know that I can't uninstall any time I feel I don't want no more I get the following when i try to uninstall: >SetupDLL/SetupDLL.cpp (469) PAPP:Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PVENDOR:Rockstar Games (http://www.RockstarGames.com) PGUID:E0303B6A-C675-4102-95DA-C013625BFA99 $ @Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 6.0.2900.2180 Error code:-5001 Anybody?
  12. -GTA-

    I got it

    I mean San Andreas mod installer, after you script it do you have to install with sami or does it automatically work? because i think i change the house i didnt mean to lol. but still i think it worked.
  13. -GTA-

    I got it

    Never mind somebody delete this topic i made because i figured it out. New house looks great:) Thanks who ever made mod. Time to add more mods! YAY Peace. -GTA-
  14. Uhh im new too this so please don't bite my head off all i wanna know is How to scripted Files that i wanna use because theres some really great ones and i can't use them because there not scripted yet. Can somebody Fully Explain how to, this would be a big help and i can enjoy San Andreas much better Thank you all who read. -GTA-
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