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  1. yea dude u did tried -v- thx , appreciate tat
  2. Thx but ... wt i mean is stuff like .. modeling cars lol !! p.s. make a correction for my previous post " i CAN NOT import most of the Dffs ".
  3. but .. anyone know abt sth like unlocker for Dff of SA ?
  4. thx for tat !! reli nice for beginers like me !! lol
  5. hey guys i`m new here and also new for modding ! so i wish to start with some simple modding like modding some brilliant car/weapon mods by those senior masters !! however a problem is found tat i can import most of the Dffs as they`re locked ! so i`d like to ask if any of u have sth like a Dff unlocker ? feel grateful for any answers !! peace
  6. hey everyone ! i juz joined this forum and wish to enjoy modding like all of u ! cheerzzzz
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