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  1. GTA6595

    Next GTA Location

    All of you people are stupid. One I know for a fact the next game will not be GTA V, or a GTA out of America. Based on Rockstars choices for location in the past, I think the next place will be Detroit. 1. New York 2. Miami 3. Compton/California Every place is a place for crime. Detroit would be the next. I bet the time should be in 1999. You have great music and a great criminal background.
  2. GTA6595

    New Myth

    ok I looked on my map, there was know Las Venturas. There was nothing. I left the map through a glitch of some sort. Oh and I never said I saw a UFO I saw a large bird.
  3. GTA6595

    New Myth

    All of you ar going to tell me Im wrong, but there is something near area 69 and its not a UFO. I was flying a Hydra over the area and a large bird maybe a glitch flew wright past me. The Birds you see are pretty small but the one I saw was about the size of the stunt plane. Also another thing I found when I was flying the hydra was a wierd area so far away from the map. Storms start occuring and it looks like im coming up to another city. but every time I get closer it disappears. So I turned around and flew back to Los Venturas and I Coudn't. I think I glitched the game and flew past the game barrier and then it wouldn't let me back.
  4. GTA6595

    Next GTA Location

    GTA Rock City: Detroit Michigan [1999] GTA Bano Island: Rhode Island [1975] GTA Capital State: Washigton D.C [1952]
  5. GTA6595

    Grand Theft Auto Bano Island

    GTA Bano Island is a new spinoff idea by me set in 1975 in Rhode Island. Tell me your thoughts and Check out my Rock City/ Block City thread set in 1999 in Detroit, Michigan. MUSIC Kiss Rod Stewart Elvis Presley Elton John Black Sabbath Aerosmith
  6. GTA6595

    Grand Theft Auto Rock City

    oh crap i put it in the wrong thread
  7. If you notice most of the game is based on a specific music genre. 1993 is not a good year for it, but Cj could go too jail some how between 92 and 95 and get bailed out. Since Rockastar makes there GTA Stories games prequels I think thats what its going to be, but I would like a sequel more.
  8. GTA6595

    Grand Theft Auto Rock City

    Were will the Next GTA be. First in New York, next in Miami, and then In California. If a new spinoff game comes out I believe the next location should be in Detroit, Michigan. What other name would you pick for Detroit besides Rock City and what other places or Locations would you choose. Note: please keep it in America, no offense. ------------------------ Im Changing my name idea to Block City set in 1999 MUSIC Eminem Marylyn Manson I.C.P Kid Rock Nas Dr.Dre Limp Biskit Korn
  9. would you like to see a sequel with CJ or a new character all togethor or a prequel with a already known character. for example Sweet Johnson. Prequel: 1990 Sequel: 1995
  10. GTA6595

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    San Andreas Stories Box Art San Andreas Stories 1990 MUSIC Ice Cube N.W.A Dr.Dre 2Pac Public Enemy Run D.M.C
  11. GTA6595

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    1990 plot. PREQUEL Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Stories. In 1990 a young member of an illusive gang known as Grove Street struggles too be number one. A young man named Sweet Johnson struggles to make it too the top. It’s hard for people in the Los Santos streets to make it to the top. Everybody at this time wants to be a gangster rapper, but Sweets got more things in mind. His younger brother CJ has gone to Liberty City and its Sweets job to keep the family safe. New gangs start to show there faces and the world of San Andreas is starting to see its big shine in the Grand Theft Auto universe. 1995 plot. SEQUEL Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Stories. In 1995 a want to be rapper named Marcus Brown gets mixed with the wrong labels. Power Row Records has something different in mind for Marcus. Power Row’s head executive sells Marcus’s lyrics to another rapper. Marcus takes action. He joins a local gang and finds an alternative to becoming a rapper. He takes his revenge through drive byes and Shootouts at local Power Record employees. He even takes a stand at one of Groves Street’s gang members: Carl Johnson.
  12. GTA6595


    Does anyone know Gameshark codes for grand theft auto the trilogy: San Andreas. Including the Andromeda.
  13. GTA6595

    Andremada file gone.

    I downloaded a file called VegasS.ipl to create the Andromeda in the game. I just got the PC version for that soul reason. Im kinda new to the modding thing. I was told to replace another file of the same name with the mod file. I searched for the file and found multiple files saying VegasE, VegasS ect.. So I sent the other file titled VegasS to the recyclin Bin. Now when I try to play the game it tells me to send an error report to microsoft. what do I do to fix this problem and Is Version 2 of San Andreas not compatible with modding.
  14. GTA6595

    Space Travel in GTA

    Ok a plane is harder to operante than a space shuttle. In a space shuttle once you leave the atmoshpere ints smooth sailing for as long as you have oxygen. ok maybe you would take training just like a pilot and then need a space suit to open and operate the shuttle. Its just a game.
  15. GTA6595

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    GTA San Andreas Stories would be better if it was a sequel, probaly in 95-96. It would have better rap music, like Biggie, and Tupac. Rock would have Limp Biskit and Marylyn Manson. The game would even proboly support my Space idea, since San Andreas is California were NASA is. Cars would be cooler and the game could be for PS3 and PSP.