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  1. oh yeah heard of that problem, im hoping that getting the "L" model which works with a 65 / 65 nm processors wont cause trouble. But again, i can only hope :) Have you encountered any probs?

  2. I'm getting a Ps3 in the first week of march, i had a 360 but it gave the ring of death and broke :P

  3. Of course not, i would call it a compliment :) I was away due to University admission problems. Sorry i just disappeared. So hows stuff going?

  4. hey mate, congrats on becoming a mod :)

  5. No prob, it was a pleasure :)

  6. Thanks mate. Yeah it is indeed shitty. And thanks for the Friend Invitation :) Happily Accepted.

  7. Wow ratings 1 star. Am i really that shitty?

  8. Who's the hottie in your sig Scott? :D

  9. Hey mate! I'm playing Brothers in Arms Hells Highway now a days on the 360, its pretty damn awesome! You must try it.

  10. hey i have the exact same phone as your display picture. W810i :) Love it, has a good camera too.

  11. You probably have one of the best sigs in this community :)

  12. Well there are lots of series and games that i enjoy, like Hitman, Max payne, Elder Scrolls, call of duty, SWAT, Saints Row and a lots more :D What kinds do you like? I'm mostly into action/adventure and RPG

  13. After looking at a few of your interests...you seem like a pretty cool person :D

  14. Hello! Whats cooking? :P

  15. I almost listen to all kinds of genres. But mostly interested in Metal or progressive rock. Absolutely love Tool the band :)

  16. Hello, unique music taste you got there :)

  17. hey cool bands you got on the list there. But where is Iron Maiden? :)

  18. Hello :)

    And Cool Username :P

  19. Hey Noodles ;) you kinda remind of the Robert D' Niro character "Noodles" in "Once upon a Time in America" :D

  20. Thanks for commenting :) And yes i will try my best to be a memorable part in this community :D

  21. Hey mate. How ya doing? Acha laga kay humaray jaisay bhi yahan hain :)