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  1. Earthbound

    Alive Check

    For anyone still checking this topic and wondering if the discord is still running, it is! Get on there. @Sherman @Noru @Thomas. @Husky @Sherm @Spaz The Great
  2. Earthbound

    Alive Check

    I'm still here... kind of. I seem to log in every 6 months or so, just out of curiosities sake. Nice to see some old names still kicking around. Some of us have been a part of this community for over 15 years.... wow!
  3. Earthbound

    Need a game save for pc

    This here my man http://www.gtasavegames.com/savegames/GTA_IV You'll find all missions saved individually. Let us know if you need help installing it. Cheers.
  4. Earthbound


    Wow, how appropriate this topic is! It was awesome to have a read - Congrats to all those who actually achieved something in the past couple of years! Sky got married? I don't know... that doesn't sound right. I never got a wedding invite or anything!! WTF? Srsly? I'm still doing the same old thing; - I'm still a lowly IT App Support guy. - I moved back to Tasmania (anyone in Australia had better keep their jokes to themselves!! ) - My girlfriend and I are celebrating 2 years next month, that'll be the longest relationship I've had... pretty awesome! Anyway, it was nice to drop in and browse some old topics. Nestalgia is awesome. PS: I totally wrote Nestle instead of Nestalgia... Nestle is awesome too though.
  5. I am indeed! Hoorah for the internetz.

  6. You're back from the dead.

  7. This video will tell you everything you need to know... pretty kick-ass song in background also. Click here to view video.
  8. Earthbound

    If you were given a chance to name the next GTA,

    I'd go with GTA: CAPS IS FOR DOUCHEBAGS. Instant success!
  9. Earthbound

    What happened?

    He does.
  10. Earthbound

    Sonic Fan Remix

    Dude, that is fucking epic! Used to play all the time as a kid, I was never all that good at it though. The phrase "pratice makes perfect" doesn't always apply. Downloading now.
  11. Earthbound


    Maybe I'm just overthinking it? Also, in retrospect, appropriate was never something many TGTAP members were good at, so perhaps, just wing it? Everything is ending in an upwards tone tonight.. Notice that?
  12. Lol, harsh Llama. I think I've held out for long enough - I'll actually get this. First game I will have purchased since... GTA4. I'm so not cool.
  13. Earthbound


    Interesting.. I suppose the only thing you'd have to worry about is appropriate questions being asked. I suppose there would be some sort of filtering process?... and that brings me to a couple more questions.. Would everyone post their questions in a specific "interview" topic?
  14. Earthbound

    What happened?

    Gerard - always full of new & good ideas. Chris knows what's good for the network - he will have made the right decision which ever way he decides to lean. Edit: Oh, just read the homepage, awesome!
  15. Happy birthday man.