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  1. Hi there! If there is someone out there that can help me with my little issue, then I'm very much appriciated for the help. I have been playing GTA San Andreas since it came out, but I havent played it for like a year now because my cd broke. And now I just bought a new CD and installed the game... but possible I cannot get my car mods to work anymore, I mean, I'm a real veteran modder in San Andreas, I have used IMG Tool eaven Sami Mod-installer, but everytime I install a car mod, my game freeze in the loading process, and I cannot do anything. It doesnt help if I reinstall the game, it doesnt help if I delete my modding tools and install them again, nothing helps!... Thats why I thought it was time to ask for some help from someone that is really experienced about this. All kind of help and information is appriciated! Thank You! Asger K.C
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