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  1. I did rebuild archive but still freeze
  2. Hi guys, so I just put in a few mods all of them were cars. Okay so this is the story, my GTA SA crashes at random times. Sometimes it will be 10 minutes into the game or as soon as I leave my house. I have I believe 4 cars in now and it crashes at random points. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Confused Child Btw I use IMG tool to put them in.
  3. Actually now its just random freeze. I'll get into a modded car and it might freeze or not its random now. Any idea why and how to fix?
  4. I used IMG tool to mod. And just a question how do i back up the files and how do I rebuild the Archive?
  5. Actually now it freezes even when I leave my place...
  6. Hi Guys so I just modded my GTA SA and for some reason when I get into my new cars like my Lambo the game freezes. Any ideas why this is happening? Can anyone tell me what to do to solve? Thanks Confused Child
  7. I downgraded now i dont have a gta3.img in my GTA SA User files!! what should i do?
  8. Okay so i bought a brand new copy of GTA SA on October 5, 2008. I believe it is a V2. So I downgraded it. Okay then I got a V1 saved game I put it into GTA SA user files and i know it was the right file. Okay so then the game starts and i press load and press the game. The game loads to 100% and then it closes and says that error occured with gta_sa.exe and windows needs to close this program. This happend with many different ones. I found a post saying that I should change the main.scm file to the old V1. I found it and did that too, now the game wont even start cause the CD cant recognize it. As you can see I have tried everything. I have loooked for hours through the forums as well. If anyone out there can plz help me solve this problem I would be very greatfull. Thank you for all replies, Confused Child
  9. Hi so i got a new copy of GTA SA for PC. I installed it then I got it downgraded. Then i got a 100% saved game. However when i load the game and its loading once it reaches 100% the game closes and a message comes up saying windows has closed this application. ANy help?
  10. You bought the second edition of the game, I assume. Try to downgrade it. jus downgraded now game crashes when i load a game 100%....
  11. Hi, I just bought a new copy of GTA SA for computer. But when I used the saved games for GTA SA they do not work. I save it in GTA user files and they show up when I go to load them. But, whenever I click to load it, the game starts from the beggining when you are at the airport. Can anyone plz help me and tell me why this is happening? Plz help me Thanks!
  12. Hi so I jus bought a brand new copy of GTA SA for my computer. However when I download the savedgames off gta3.net they do not seem to work. I save it to my GTA SA user files. Whenever I go to start the game and the load the file, it starts from the beggining of the game. Any help plz?
  13. It wasnt illegal my friend put it up.... cause he lives like 4 hours away...
  14. Hi im new to this site. I was wondering. Could i still make car mods work if i have a game off the internet. Basically i did not buy the cd but got the game off a site. It gave it to me in 3 different downloads that i had to extract. I do not have a GTA folder in program files. is there still a way to get car mods and put like a benz into my game. Any help is very helpful THANKS
  15. Hi im new to this site and i was wondering how i get these new cars people have made to work on Vice City. I have downloaded them but i do not know where to put them or how to make them work. Any help would be very helpful Thank you!
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