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  1. johnny slowly walks towards the motel reception.

    "Hey, single room, one night." Johnny says to the motel owner.

    "Room 11." the owner says lazily.

    Johnny mumbles a thanks and walks outside and slowly up the stairs into Room 11. Johnny opens the door with a creak.

    "Ahh, nice to see you again Johnny." a rough voice says from the centre of the room. Johnny notices several men surrounding the insides of the room. "Come in."

  2. Go here for more info.

    Sydney small business owner Eddy Stevens has won a four-year legal battle against Sony, with the High Court ruling that modding of PlayStation consoles is legal. The decision has far-reaching implications for consumers and the manufacturers of computer games. Mod chips allow gamers to ignore manufacturers' regional coding systems and run cheaper games - made for markets outside Australia - on their consoles.

    The free trade agreement which Australia signed with the US last year and which came into effect this year stipulates that copyright laws here have to be aligned with those in the US by 2007. According to the FTA, consumers cannot circumvent "effective technological measures" that control access to a tech device. All six judges of the High Court held that widely used mod-chips are legal and that playing a game on a consumer's machine does not constitute an illegal copy.

    In 2001, Sony filed a suit against Stevens who was running one of many businesses in Australia that supplied and installed mod-chips, which rendered Sony's regional coding ineffective. Nathan Mattock, a senior associate of Gadens Lawyers who acted for Stevens, said the decision would be good for consumers.

    "It will increase competition in the games market and also among games retailers in Australia, which should result in lower prices," he said. Mattock said the team acting for Stevens had been confident of winning as they had handled similar cases in the past.

    The firm successfully represented the Australian Video Retailers Association against Warner Home Video in a Federal Court case. Also a test case, it dealt with the issue of copying and explored the nature of the technology used for playing DVDs.

    "Fortunately for the consumer, the court has prevented a multinational corporation from further eroding consumer rights," Mattock said.

    In July 2002, the Federal Court, after analysing the way in which the PlayStation console operated, concluded that playing a copied game did not involve breach of copyright. Sony appealed against the ruling in September 2002. The full bench upheld the appeal on July 30, 2003. Following this decision, other modders shut down operations.

    Stevens' lawyers then went to the High Court. The High Court appeal was based on two issues. The first was whether the “mod-chip” bypasses the digital rights management on the console and breaches Section 116A of the Australian Copyright Act.

    The court accepted Stevens' argument that while making a pirated copy of a game is illegal, playing a game by using a mod-chip is not. The second issue was whether playing a game - which requires copying data to a console's Random Access Memory or RAM - breaches copyright when the manufacturer does not specifically grant a licence to copy this data to RAM. The court held that by merely playing a Playstation game, the consumer was not making an illegal copy of the game. Asked for his reaction, Stevens said; "Geez, news travels fast, doesn't it? Well, you can say I'm pretty happy with the verdict."

    "We always figured we would win because we were in the right," he said. "The whole point is, what we are doing helps consumers." Stevens said he would now restart the modding business which is a small part of his operations.

    A spokesman for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which stepped in at the Federal Court level as a friend of the court and argued that regional coding was detrimental to consumer choice, said it would comment after going through the judgement.

    A spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment said any statement would have to come from the UK operation.

    All i can say is "You had it coming Sony. I hope the guy sues you for wasting his time and being unable to do business."

  3. Walk of Game Walk of Game is the first-of-its-kind landmark honoring the icons and pioneers of the videogame industry.

    Walk of Game is located inside Metreon, a 350,000 square-foot entertainment complex at Fourth and Mission Streets in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

    Every year, gamers worldwide cast their vote on www.WalkOfGame.com to induct the next set of honorees to receive a permanent 24"x 24", customized steel star on the Walk of Game. From the list of nominees, the top four in the category of Games/Characters and the top two in Lifetime Achievement will be inducted. Inductees to date are: Nolan Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto, Halo, Link (The Legend of Zelda), Mario, and Sonic The Hedgehog.

    The list of nominees is compiled from a survey of industry members and technology, entertainment, and gaming media. SCA Interactive, a leader in online promotions, powers the Walk of Game voting interface.

    Check www.WalkOfGame.com regularly to keep informed about upcoming events including unveiling of the stars for the 2006 Inductees!





    Donkey Kong



    Final Fantasy

    Fox McCloud (Star Fox)


    Grand Theft Auto


    Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

    Madden NFL

    Mortal Kombat



    Pitfall Harry (Pitfall)



    Resident Evil

    Samus Aran (Metroid)

    Space Invaders


    Street Fighter II


    The Sims

    Lifetime Achievement:

    John Carmack (Doom)

    Peter Molyneux (Populous, Fable)

    Sid Meier (Civilization, Pirates!)

    Toru Iwatani (Pac-Man)

    Will Wright (Sim Series)

  4. For anyone who has seen a "patcher" floating around the net by PSP Team. Its fake. It will brick your PSP and will void your warranty. Skylark has disassembled the binary and the results can be found here:

    Disasm By Skylark

    Pspupdates thread

    I wouldn't put it past Sony to have been the one who leaked this. Why can't they learn that they are fighting an uphill battle against homebrew. Why don't they just embrace it, or at the very least let it be. They could make a whole lot more money if they did that and stopped making stupid firmwire updates that don't allow homebrew, why doesn't Sony make updates that do allow homebrew. :huh:

  5. This new firmwire has just recently been released.

    VERSION 2.0.1

    • Fixes crash when adding many movies for conversion.

    • Fixes movie conversion failure when using 4:3 aspect ratio.

    This was taken from PSPUpdates

    WARNING: HOMEBREWS/LOADERS CAN'T BE EXECUTED ON PSP WITH SYSTEM VERSION 1.51 OR ABOVE. Currently the downgrade is only availabe for v2.0 PSPs. Make sure you REALLY know this fact and WANT to upgrade to the new version!!!

    This update is released for fixing the security flaw found in the system software v2.0 from October, 3rd.

    CAUTION: This update is only for customers who obtained PSP (PlayStation Portable) for Japan which model number is PSP-1000 or PSP-1000 K or PSP-1000 KCW. Upon completion of preparing, we will announce update information for the other countries/areas customers via SCE Group Web Site or other channels . For these customers who obtained PSP in the other countries/areas, please DO NOT update PSP through this web site. There are no guarantee of proper operation of the other PSP.

    So, this time it doesn’t void your warranty? From what we can tell so far, this patch is made to beef up security which I'm 99% sure is a direct effect from the toc2rta buffer overflow.

    Also, the North American PSP official website has not been updated.

    Some of our users have noticed that there is a new system update software available for download via "Network Update". There is no sign on both the Japanese and the American PSP official website. There is a 99.9999% chance, it will stop you from accessing homebrew for quite a long time!! So please be warned:

    Don't update until you are sure you want to miss the scene!

    We are trying to figure out the content of this update. Please stay tuned for our news.

    Thanks to our users: Karulio and DesolataX for the heads-up!!

    You can get it in our PSP Download section here?



  6. It's the games that make or break the console, so don't ignore the 360 just yet, it's got a great line-up of games. But then so does the PS3.

    GTA4 is gonna be released on the PS3 and then after a while on the xbox, but not until the next gta game is due for release on the ps3. R* might even wait until they make the next gta game and release it as a double pack like they did with gta3 and vice city.

  7. I was SO close to closing this and telling you the topic already existed... Then I realised I hadn't posted it here! WTF!?

    BTW, no one seems interested in the PSP 2.0 hacks over here. Just check out my two topics. Both have no replies. Your two topics. Both have no replies.

    Besides, this came out on Tuesday((my birthday)).

    Yeah i beat Spaz at his own game!! :drool:

  8. Most of you have heard of so-called PSP "downgraders" and none have worked or even existed. Well this one works. PSP 2.0 to 1.5 downgrade! Enjoy!

    Go here for the complete story.

    #1-Download the downgrader from either here, here or here. Then make sure you get a copy of the original 1.5 firmware upgrader from here here.

    #2- Connect your PSP to your computer via USB. On your memory stick, create a folder called UPDATE inside /PSP/GAME/ and place the EBOOT.PBP file from the 1.50 update inside this UPDATE folder.

    #3-Unzip MPHDowngrader.zip. Drop overflow.tif into your /PSP/PHOTO/ folder. Put both h.bin and index.dat in the root of your Memory Stick

    #4-Disconnect your PSP from your computer and plug in the AC adapter.

    #5-Navigate to Photo then Memory Stick via the PSP’s menu system and start scrolling down through your photos until you reach the overflow.tif picture.

    You’ll know you’ve hit it when everything freezes and you get a black screen with a bunch of white text output.

    If your PSP freezes without going to this black text screen, then hold the power button for about 10 seconds until the PSP shuts down, then hit the power button again to start it back up. Repeat this step until you get that black screen.

    #6-Don’t panic. Hold the power button for about 10 seconds until the PSP powers off. Hit the power button again. Your PSP will start up, and if you navigate to your System Information, you’ll discover that your PSP thinks it is running version 1.0 of the firmware. It isn’t and you cannot run homebrew (yet).

    #7-Navigate to Game—>Memory Stick, hit the X button, and navigate to the 1.5 updater. Make sure you have your PSP plugged in or the upgrade won’t work. Click the X button and update like you normally would. At the end of the upgrade you will receive an error saying that the upgrade failed and to contact Sony. Don’t panic. Ignore this and again force your PSP to power off and reboot.

    #8-After the PSP reboots you will receive an error screen that is scary and confusing because it is in multiple languages. Don’t panic. Find the language you can understand and read the corresponding line. It notes that your preferences are fragged and that you need only hit the O button to restore some default-ish settings. Hit the O button.

    #9-The PSP will start back up and you will go through the initial setup like the day when you first bought your PSP. Do so and then go to the system info pane again, where you will see that you are rocking version 1.5. Run homebrew at will.

    Try NOT hitting the O button at the error screen, and instead pull the battery. If yours starts up without getting an error again, you may have found out that you can keep the browser. If you do the battery pull thing, make sure you unplug the AC adapter first; otherwise, the PSP may still work, but you won't be able to run it off of the AC or charge your battery any more via the plug.

    If it freezes before you get to the pic and you get a black screen with some white text at the top (pictured above), then good. That's exactly what is supposed to happen. Go on to the next step. If it simply freezes, then force the PSP power off and try again until you get that black screen with white text goodness.

    If you still want the features that 2.00 has, don't worry. Most of these features have been hacked into long ago and are available on the internet if you half search. I suggest you go here to find PSP downloads.

    If you don't want to upgrade your PSP version every time to play a new game which requires you to upgrade, i suggest you go here to download "No Update" which allows you to play these games without having to upgrade.

  9. This is from http://pspupdates.qj.net/2005/09/hello-20-world.html

    The first code for ‘Hello World’ has been released today by groepaz of Team Hitmen / Toc2rta. This marks a significant milestone for homebrew coming to 2.0, although there is still a ways to go. Come chat with us irc.toc2rta.com #pspchat, #pspupdates, #pspcaliber. For those who do not have a 2.0, someone has also made a video demonstrating this being run on a 2.0 PSP. From the readme: “

    Hello World v1 for PSP v2.0

    (w) 24/09/2005 by Groepaz/Hitmen


    greets to Skylark, Niacin, Skywalker, xor37h, Tyranid

    this is a simple example on how to use the C compiler from pspsdk for creating

    a binary that works with the exploit/loader released by someone else the other day.

    its VERY basic, some C features will not work, C++ most definetly wont. you will need

    to call syscalls directly (not via kernel stubs/NIDs). your program can be max 64k big."

    Also, you will have to restart your PSP to make this go away, the thread is not killed when exiting the Photo area on the PSP.

    You can get it in our PSP Download section.

    You can get the video in our PSP Download section

    Update: We have just received the source code.

    You can get it in our PSP Download section.


  10. I read in Playstation (an Australian game mag) that the ps3 is going to be twice as powerful as the xbox 360. I dont know if its gonna be that much better, but i hope it is. Goooo PS3!!!!!!!


    They also said that comparing the ps2 to the ps3 is like comparing a mini to a rocket ship

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