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  1. Nevermind, I figured out how to enter them. Thanks
  2. Thanks a ton. How do I use the IP addresses? Where do I enter it at? etc.
  3. I am having some trouble with SAMP. I downloaded it the other day and it worked fine other than an occasional crash. However, I haven't been able to load any part of the SAMP website even since I downloaded it. And today, I opened it up and none of the servers loaded. Absolutely none. I checked Norton to see if it was possibly blocking it access to the net but I believe it is giving it full access. Now, I'm not a computer expert so I may have overlooked something in Norton that was blocking it. I do have Version 2.0 of GTA SA but I did get it downgraded...hence it working correctly for the past few days. Any help? I am absolutely clueless. I even removed and reloaded it on both of my computers and it won't work on either. Thanks, ST1