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  1. I don't know why you think that 300 guests vs 20 members is so weird. I'd be suprised if it was vice-versa. Most people have a problem with a game or looking for a quick walkthrough of a specific mission, simply type the request in the google and get directed here. I don't register on forums I'd normally visit once in my life just to find a specific info, do you?

  2. All my money and items are still intact. But getting interest once in a week (and get the same amount I used to get daily)...:'( And too bad the credit cards are gone. Any chance in their return? Interest boost is always good ;) But the quizzes don't work.

  3. well if you want it to be realistic (yawn on the realism bollocks) then maybe he should die!!!!!!!!!!

    You don't instantly die, it takes time to burn. In the mean time you can save yourself by putting that fire to and end. Using the previous suggestions.

  4. I never used Pay N Spray (oh, once in every GTA, just for mission purposes).

    Driver: Parallel Lines had a quite realistic way of losing cops I have to admit. For those of you who haven't played it, you have 2 wanted levels - on foot and in car. If you get caught shooting (on foot) you get a foot wanted level. Now, if the cops see you steal a car, your car gets the same amount of wanted level. If they don't see you, your car has no wanted level and cops will not react unless you commit another crime while in the car. Switching cars (if unseen by the cops) resets your car wanted level. And you can completely lose wanted levels if you get out of cops' sight for a certain amount of time. Unlike in GTA, where you had a wanted level no matter were you concealed or not.

  5. IMO, it'd be awesome if you had to hammer the shoulder buttons or something for him to put himself out.... That or PS3's sixasis...... meh

    Sure, that would be great. Or pull off a kickass move and finish it in the closest body of water. Like jumping from bridges etc.

    indeed i mean in previous games all you had to do was run around a bit... not very realistic is it?

    Ditto on that, that sucked.

  6. I'm just begging them to make it possible to skip cutscenes. It makes me go breserk when I have to watch the god damn cutscene every time before fighting a boss!!!!!!111!!!kill!!!1111!!111 I mean, it's logical you won't beat the boss from the first try (unless playing again), so why raping me with those boring cutscenes again and again and again. What a fucking waste of time.

  7. I tend to have very vivid dreams in which I can feel every thing as if I were awake. I also dream in first person which a few people have commented as being odd since a lot of people can see themselves as they dream. Unluckily for me this is also paired up with a sleeping disorder, called narcolepsy, that I have that gives me sleep paralysis before and after sleep sometimes as well as vivid hallucinations and night terrors.

    I always dream in first person. I find it very odd when someone can actually see himself :o

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