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  1. HI everybody! I want to make a whole new mod to gta san andreas that is gonna be real good its gonna be namned San Andreas Most Wanted and its gonna be a mod where you play online from your PC and you can make your own gang clans and fight with each other over your own "hood" and you dont have to be CJ you first select witch gang you want to join for example Latinos/Blacks/Italians and then you train your character and put some nice clothes and threads and then you build your own gang/clan or just join one and as you train and kill you gain experience and level. You can make your own plans on how you gonna make your gang bigger and you can make drive-by's against another gang and this is gonna be like MOORPG game only with some more action and the gta style. Im not myself good at coding,modeling and sounds but what i can do is the Mapping so thats why im trying to recrute a team so we can make this nice mod. Requried: Modeling,texturing,coders,voice and sound,skinners,Web Sites, Knowledge Base. Like i said i can only help with the mapping and i hope you got intressed on this mod idea i got and i hope you got the knowledge im seeking for so we can make this mod togheter. No one can do everything, But everybody can do something.
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