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  1. I have been on vacation and just got a chance to install the ghosttown mod. I thought it was perfect until my demented child found the bus and proceeded to pound the peds to a pulp. I'll try the SOL mod next and place her in one of the other maps. I assume that you can travel between maps in SOL?. With the ghosttown mod, she was limited to the east island of vice city.
  2. That sounds like a plan. Is the ghost town mod available for Vice City or just San Andreas? What about the other cars driving around town? Will the cops be gone too?
  3. I am not saying that this is the most rational thing, but the way I see it, Killing by accidentally running them over as you recklessly drive thru town -ok. Killing people with guns, chainsaws, etc. - bad. To make matters worse she also has younger siblings who will most likely want to observe the mayhem. But thanks for the San Andreas suggestion. I will have to look into that. I almost got it a while back, but I still hadn't played VC yet.
  4. I sounds like the Chinatown Wars is not going to meet the criteria that I have set. In any event we do not have a DS or any consoles, for that matter. We are a PC family. Need for Speed sounds like it might be worth looking into. Do you get to exit your car and walk around in that one? I have a demo of Midtown Madness 2. Maybe I'll break that out again. If I remember right it was all timer based, which restricts the free roam aspect. As for complexity, let's just say that I wouldn't want it more complex than GTA III or Vice City. That would rule out flight sims which are too complex for even me. I have a hard enough time keeping my Maverick in the air without running into buildings. I have never attempted to make a mod. I'd have to leave that to someone else. I was just curious to see if there was such a thing out there. If I could only take out the weapons and get those police to leave her alone when she runs over people. To give you an idea, she was driving around minding her own business when she ran over someone in the presence of a cop. He started shooting and tried to arrest her and she punched him out. She thought that was hysterical. Which it was. But, I just can't help thinking that it is not a good thing for her. Revelation : I could disable the fire button on the joystick but that doesn't take out the cop problem. There must be a mod or code that keeps cops from going after you when you do things that would trigger your star rating.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I love the game and I don't think anything should change. Call me a hypocrit, but I don't think that my kid should be playing a game where she can beat up or shoot a police officer. I was just wondering if there was anything out there like this and am open to serious suggestions (not Dora the Explorer) about alternatives. Is there anything wrong with having options out there? I don't have San Andreas, yet, but I will probably get it after finishing this one. I also have GTA III. What's with the black bar in your post, Huckleberry?
  6. I know this sounds crazy and possibly blasphemous, but has anyone written a mod that will take out the violence aspect of the game to make this suitable for kids. My kid saw me flying my heli and wants to play too, but for obvious reasons that is not possible. The mission aspect of the game is not really crucial. She is more into the "open" world driving/exploring aspect. If there is no such mod, recommendations/suggestions for a similar, yet kid friendly game is welcome. Thanks.
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