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  1. gng554

    Gta 4 Weird Thing-Xbox 360

    thanks for your reply
  2. gng554

    Gta 4 Weird Thing-Xbox 360

    hmmm you sure? i played for 2 hours after i added this topic. and the xbox was not pluged in electricity alone it was pluged with other devices. if it is dying shouldnt it not work at all?
  3. hello, as you may have arleady known from the title i have the gta 4 for the xbox 360 the problem is that when i entered cheat codes the system froze and gave me red flashing lights they werent 3 they were 4 and turning i tryied it 2 times and again with same problem i restarted the console and this time i played without cheats and i have been playing for about 2-3 hours and no crashes. anyone had this prob or is it only from my console PS: the console was not overheated and it works perfectly.