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  1. 1) I finished the game and I want to get the all friends like you 90% trophy and I got Packie/Jacob/Roman/Brucie to 90%+ and its Dwaynes turn, but I accidently deleted his email wthout replying And I cant talk to him now because I deleted his email, Is there anyway to get him to be my friend apart from having to start the game all over again? Whenever i try to call him, I get his voicemail every time. 2)I am trying a different option, I about half way, saved my game so I have 2 game saves, So I went back to my other one so this time I will reply to Dwaynes email, so I played on a bit to get to the part where I have to and I am near the end of the game and I still didnt get the phone call from I am at the part where I receieved a phone call from Phil to tell me that I can work for Gambetti (cant spell it right) so its almost game done and no phone call from Playboy, Am I meant to get it long time ago or do I still need to work on more? If you can answer Question 1 and give me an answer on how to get Dwayne friendship without email, if thats impossible and you say I need to start a new game, then look at question 2