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  1. Wow... what an unhelpful forum. Usually you could expect a reply in at least a day or so. But i still need help... And no, someone has to know what the problem is. You must think noobs are stupid or something.
  2. Well sorry...Im just trying to be helpful. The cars dont have big tyres in my game. Maybe I have a certain mod installed? (rhetorical Question)
  3. http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads?p=file&id=1333 Is that what your after? (i use them myself) And yes, if you edited the handling.cfg file when installing the car, it will affect the handling, (but its meant to if you know what I mean)
  4. Pleas help someone? I have searched everywhere and cant find anything about this.
  5. Hey guys....for some reason any custom cars that I add the game will not work in transfender...you can enter but as soon as you click colors, etc, it quits out of transfender. Hope you understand what im trying to say here. Also I have added all the required lines of code to vehicles.ide, carcols.dat, carmods.dat etc. Also they are cars that worked before (perennial, bravura, etc)
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