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  1. ok no problem , I just hope we'll be able to run it Well Wiseman, I wish I could say but my game seems corrupt or somethin .. I'm kinda spreadin the word in hopes someone can help .. Cuz so far no word back YET from T2 support.. My specs Vista Prem D-core 2.6GHz Nvid 9600GT 512MB 2GB Ram - this is the only thing my system doesnt measure up to ATLEAST in the recommended settings, it says 2.5GB, so I'm missin .5GB but I'm not sure this is the cause.. I got "ok" gp on first load, but stuff still lookt a lil anhhh so I tried to up the settings a lil in the game but then I had no road, other stuff missin. I saved, came back later, loaded up, couldnt see NIKO in the safehouse, no walls, jus windows, light bulbs, no roads, only head/tail lights on cars... I updated drivers, changed ingame settings, gp card settings, monitor settings, diff monitor, uninstallt, reinstallt game, NO CHANGE... I jus dont get it... I can move the mouse (camera) around a lil and onscreen it gets glitchy/twitchy but I can see parts of the car and road then, :: shrugs :: If its just that my sys needs more memory, I can see about buying it, otherwise don wanna spend $$ & it not fix the problem, all other games/progs (not as intense as GTA IV ofcourse) run perfect... Otherwise, its kinda pisst me off, having plunkt down my hard earned $$ & traded in some games for credit to get this ... Well if it will make you feel any better, Here in Macedonia nobody gives a crap about piracy. I just got off the phone, talking to a friend of mine, and he told me that he had the pirated version... and he has a dual core too, and he said the game ran on medium crystal clear and smooth. He said there were no problems whatsoever. Quite to be honest, most people with pirated versions say it runs just fine. Most people think securom fucks up everything and corrupts everything, making this game like a beta release, but that's hardly the case. I think some nvidia drivers accept, some don't. So it's really about fixing it. A patch, that would fix everything. My advise would be either try the pirated version( I know I shouldn't have recommended that, now ppl will come down flaming on me). Or would you rather wait for a patch to come. That's all I can help you with. Srry I can't more .
  2. ok no problem , I just hope we'll be able to run it
  3. Spider vice, when you get the game, tell me how it runs on your 8500GT. I got the same one, and I want to know if I really should buy a new one. thx in advance
  4. Oh lol srry, i was typing so fast, I forgot to see that i wrote Pentium D instead of Pentium 4. Anyways, that's how it turned out. Backwards! Most people with dual core, core 2 duo and small amount that have Pentium 4(like you), have been bragging with thousands of smiley faces that they're actually running it on medium. But the ppl with quads and high rigs, not so good. anyways I'm waiting 3 more days for GTA4 on PC, cuz I'm in Macedonia and here they arrive a little late.
  5. Like I said in my topic 'Rockstar messed up a little?' I quote myself 'R* either gave the specs random or calculated them wrong!' but many of you guys denied R* making a mistake and told me I had a money issue. Well now get this, people with high end rigs are complaining not even enjoying it on medium, while many people with low end rigs like dual core or orange's pentium D, say it ran nice and smooth. So everything got backwards? Now who has the money issue??? (It's good to have dual core...sorry guys I don't mean to rub this in your face )
  6. I told you, this is another guy's finding. I just didn't see it here, so I thought I should put it here
  7. NOTE:THIS IS ANOTHER GUY'S FINDING! I JUST DIDN'T SAW IT HERE SO...HERE IT IS! Here is an interesting README i found on R* website, looks like performance problems might be "intentional" THE GRAPHIC SETTINGS OF GRAND THEFT AUTO IV PC Most users using current PC hardware as of December 2008 are advised to use medium graphics settings. Higher settings are provided for future generations of PCs with higher specifications than are currently widely available. Graphics settings are limited by system resources by default. 256MB video cards force minimum settings by default. If a user bypasses these safety measures using command line arguments and exceeds their system resources, the users gaming experience may be compromised. Video Mode Resolution scaling effects water, reflections, shadows, mirrors and the visible viewable distance. The resolution settings relate to the amount of available video memory. At 2560*1600 the game will require 320MB of video memory in addition to all the memory required for content. At 800*600 the game will require 32MB of video memory in addition to the content. Medium resolution settings are recommended for most users as higher settings are only usable if there is available video memory. Texture Quality Texture quality affects the visual quality of the content of the game. High setting for textures will require 600MB of video memory at a setting of 21 View Distance in addition to the memory taken by the Video Mode. A medium texture setting is recommended for most users. Render Quality Render quality is the texture filter quality used on most things in the world rendering. Most people would know this as anisotropic filtering. Medium settings are recommended for most users and will provide filtering beyond what the console versions can execute. View Distance View distance scales the distance in which different objects in the world such as building and cars are seen. Raising this option increases the distance in which high quality objects must be loaded and will increase the memory it requires. Restrictions are established to ensure the game runs optimally for most users. A setting of 22 or more will provide PC users an enhanced experience over the console versions. Detail Distance Detail distance scales aspects of the environment that the View Distance setting does not including vegetation, trash and other moveable objects. A setting of 10 would be the equivalent to the performance on a console. This setting has little effect on memory. Vehicle Density Vehicle density scales the traffic density of the traffic in the game. It has no effect on the mission vehicles or difficultly of the game, but can have a significant impact on CPU performance Shadow Density Shadow Density controls the number of shadows generated for positional lights in exterior environments. These shadows are exclusive to the PC version and can have a major impact on CPU and GPU performance. Crossfire/SLI With the latest ATI driver (8-11 series) the game supports crossfire modes (ie. 4870x2) SLI is currently unsupported. Support will be added through a future game patch as well as an updated Nvidia driver. NOTE: Background Processes Certain background processes can have a detrimental effect on system performance when playing GTA IV, especially on systems with minimum required system memory. Users should ensure they disable their Virus scans when running the game to maximize performance.
  8. The moral of this story is............ 'FUCK JACK THOMPSON,GTA IV OF IT'S GREATNESS MAKES PEOPLE CRAZY AND GOOD WRITERS!!!' currently it made a good writer out of you (seriously that's some mad skills you got )
  9. I have browsed many forums, and many times I've seen people with the exact requirement specs(or similiar), complain about not enjoying it at all. While people with minimum specs or low end rigs, completely don't complain and say that their running it perfectly? :S Is this confirming that R* got the specs wrong or is this just a bad port job? Please, share your thoughts about this here. Discussion is open
  10. I'm looking to buy the game now, but I want to know how many of you play it smooth and nice on dual core. I want to know if I need to buy a new graphics card(my current is nvidia geforce 8500GT,(I think we can all agree that's a crappy graphics card I got). So if anyone played it on dual core, can you please tell me how you handled the game. Thanks in advance (Also on this topic you can share info on how to run it on dual core smoothly... I mean if you feel like it )
  11. I hate to dig up an oldie, but.... ZING! What you mean by that?
  12. If Russian hackers hacked the Pentagon...they can surely hack this game in 1 day.I'm asking again...What does R* benefit from this?
  13. Well if I become addicted to this(the chances are I would be), atleast when I truly have conquered it, played it, and multiplayer also played it... The only thing getting you to play the game again, will be the editor. That will be the most addictive thing I think.
  14. 2 days are left before the release of GTA 4 in the USA, while some will wait 1 more day for the Europe & Rest of the World release. Now that everything has been told, everything discussed, specs acknowledged, screenshots and new features seen... What are your final thoughts about GTA 4, before it has been released? I myself look forward to the video editor the most. I can become a regular Spielberg from time to time(that was a joke... I never brag ) Discussion is open (Tell me honestly... Am I starting to get real annoying with this 'Discussion is open'? Cause if I am, tell me and I will try to not write that )
  15. Seriosly, this whole paranoia s**t ain't good. They're just going to piss off customers that don't have Internet, but wanna play the game. Why bother using SecuROM...when it's going to get cracked as soon as the game is released. I just don't understand what R* benefits from this??? Any ideas??? Discussion open
  16. Still not confirmed, many say that R* will have some kind of protection on the game from piracy(consider this a good thing). But after you install the game, you need to activate the game via internet, and not to mention you need to be online even when playing singleplayer(consider this bad or good. I on the other hand, am not so thrilled how this will work ). So is this good news or bad news? Well tell me. Discussion is open
  17. I hope so . It's the piracy that kinda scares me. How much will it develop and advance? And how much measures will R* take for protecting their games for it? Those two questions scare me
  18. I have been thinking this for awhile. R* has no intention of pleasing its PC fans in the future. When it's money or fans in the question... we all know R* will likely choose money over us. We know R* and other companies are so nerved and irritated by piracy, they'll likely make games for consoles first, then consider they would like to throw a PC version. So what can we do to stop it? Can we stop it? Are we capable of stopping it? I don't know what to say anymore(and NO! I'm not getting emotional). We need to stop arguing about the present, and start thinking about the future... For what we know, piracy might actually ruin the PC fans... Discussion is open
  19. you're not the only one dude .i too look for the full package .
  20. Just what you really look forward to when GTAIV comes out for PC. Vote and share ideas. Disscusion is officially open .
  21. its not about the money.i can buy a quad if i wanted to.but i dont wanna blindly spent cash.its just the specs dont convince me much.anyways i have some sorta bad news.Rockstar pushed the date of release again.There will be a worldwide release on the 3rd of december.2nd december no release.i cant make out anything of that. can you?im kinda lost
  22. Fine whatever.I clearly see the lack of judgement and understanding is clearly off today.You can lock this topic(because it's just being here,nobody reads it)
  23. why do I get the feeling that you work for R*?(btw that was a compliment cuz you know stuff more then me apparently,and no!im not sarcastic ) but my point is this. believe what you see,understand and try to understand everything yourself,don't believe anyone anything until you see it with your own eyes.i have a very different look towards life & humanity.but games and friends bring me back to the normal life .remember these things. (oh btw,you're right about euphoria physics engine) but tell me this. My rig is this: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ 2.31 GHz, 2.00 GB RAM Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT How will I run the game?
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