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  1. gutman

    Anything Hidden

    All the sharks I've seen so far were during the Sonar Collections Dock quest. They spawn almost all the time during that mission. There are two quests to complete along those lines. The 50 spaceship parts to find and the letter scraps scattered around the map. That's what I'm talking about. Thank you. I'll post here if I find anything new as well.
  2. gutman

    Anything Hidden

    I was wondering if there's anything like the pigeons or the previous things that you had to do before (like spraying).
  3. gutman

    GTA IV Protection?

    For me is simple like that. I'm proud to buy an original product if I'm a fan of it. Also I think the best way to stop piracy is to insert cool online features in the game so people will be estimulated to buy it to play online. This new way of protecting the copyrights just suck. It takes off the user's freedom and also adds a lot of unecessary things to the game. Good was the time of GTA3 engine. I'm really desapointed with this PC version.
  4. gutman

    GTA IV Protection?

    I hated this "protection" system. It's just a big load of crap. I'll just play GTA 4 on the PC because I believe there will be mods soon, otherwise I'd stick with my PS3 copy much better.
  5. Yeah, I mean... seems that the Rockstar crew made the previous GTAs "Ready to mod", I hope they do the samething with the PC version of GTA 4.
  6. Do you guys believe that GTA 4 will be like the previous versions about modifications? Thank you