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  1. My_Waffles_Bitch

    SA:MP going down?

    I can only find 1 server, and one player (not me), are SA:MP going down?
  2. My_Waffles_Bitch

    NEW: upgrade for GTA SA gangsta walk

    Love it? Thanks!!! !!! check out my youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MyWafflesBitch Sorry i didn't write in the ReadMe file about how to use the civilician walk
  3. Help! Will i be able to play SA:MP with a cracked gta_sa.exe?
  4. My_Waffles_Bitch

    NEW: upgrade for GTA SA gangsta walk

    This is my mod that will allow u to walk with civi, gang1, and gang2 walkstyles. I'ts a CLEO mod. There's a ReadMe file in the ZIP. PS. My old nam was My_Nougat_Bitch I've changed to My_Waffles_Bitch Download here: GTA_SA_new_walkstyles.zip -Enjoy!!!
  5. No need to recognize, i'll just find out a minite ago. VERY COOL SONG: 2pac - Hit 'Em Up FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.bullyboiexpo.com/media/2pac_-_H...an_Version_.mp3 (right click, and save target as) NOTE: This is about San Andreas, because i have found the song in a GTA SA:MP hack video. My old account: My_Nougat_Bitch
  6. My_Waffles_Bitch

    CJ with gangsta walk

    That's my old account. My_Waffles_Bitch is my new account!