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  1. Hi there. I've been always asking these questions to myself, and I got the answers. So now I'm ready to help others find the answers! How can i add my own commands to the server? First of all, go to your server folder and there should be something called "config". Go in it and find something called: ; -- IT'S MANDATORY THAT YOU SET THE ADMIN PASSWORD! ; THE SERVER WILL NOT START WITHOUT A VALID PASSWORD. AdminPassword = "invalid" Change the "invalid" to any password you like (example: "bestofthebest" Then download the GUS (General Used Scripts) in here: General Used Scripts and extract it to the folder. After that, go in the folder and go inside something called "vcmp" (not vcmp.cmdlevels or any others, just vcmp) and this should appear: [MAIN] IP= RPORT=5315 CPORT=5192 PASSWORD=rconadminpasshereblablablblaala Change it to this: IP= RPORT=5315 CPORT=5192 PASSWORD=bestofthebest (Note: the PASSWORD should be the adminpassword in your server. Then open your server (at vcmp-svr), open mirc (at the folder where you extracted the GUS) and press countinue when it appears. (Note: It may take 5 seconds before the countinue appears.) Press "connect" (or just wait for a few seconds) and... walla! Go to your server, type !commands (a few times) and there you are! Server with scripts! (Note: when you're at the server with the scripts, register and type !set admin. This will set your level to 10.) How can i add my own text to the server? This will already be appeared in your server withing the scripts. To edit it, go in the mirc, press countinue, and find a button which is called "Scripts Editor". Once you find it, go to a tab called "Remote", press "Edit" and in it press "Find". Type the fallowing words in the "Find": vcmp.announce %id WELCOME $iif($vcmp.alias($vcmp.ip($1)),BACK) TO THE SERVER! Edit the "WELCOME BACK TO THE SERVER" to anything you like, and it should appear once you enter the server. (Remember: When you edit something, press OK in the bottom of it, and "connect" again, then enter your server). When i put my server online, it's only for the people that are on my router. How can i make it that people from over the whole world can join my server? You have to pay to get it world wide. Actually, I still don't know to add my server world wide, but you have to go to here and explore the place before you add your server. And there you go!
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