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  1. MIDI the Elf

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Character race doesn't matter to me. I'm worried about rockstar doing the cities right in this game. The layout, detail, and overall feel of the three cities in SA wasn't very convincing. Some key failing points were the traffic and pedestrian interaction, which was contrived and pretty stupid. And if they're going to revisit Vegas (or "Venturas") they should do it right, make casinos lively and believable, and make it flashier and more crowded, especially at night.
  2. MIDI the Elf

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Morris You had some good ideas, but many of them have been said before on this thread. (and by before, I mean less than 5 pages ago) ragdoll should be included, and more manual powered vehicles is a good idea. But your post (or combination of 15 different posts) has a lot of "more is better" ideas, which could be the downfall of the series. R* has plenty of technical things to impove upon in GTA 4 without having to cram more and more material, areas, side missions etc. into one game. The game will undoubtably be huge, so I don't think we need say "it should be 3 times larger than SA" or whatever. I would leave story details up to Rockstar. Some of them were ok but things of that nature are better left to the pros. The mission ideas were good though. Try to tone the length of your posts down a bit, or break them up into digestible peices. No one wants to read/respond to all that in one sitting. People keep talking about gas tanks..... just sounds like a hassle to me.
  3. MIDI the Elf

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I know this thread is GTA wishlist, but don't post lists with vague suggestions about improving the game. I know we all want better weapons, better graphics and more indoor environments for the game. This is a given people. Stop posting obvious/repeat/incredibly vague ideas. How is R* going to improve GTA if all the only criticism is "the story in SA sucked...the story in GTA 4 should be better"??? I know there are people with more creativity than that reading this thread. And I thought we established that there should be no required eating in GTA 4. What a waste of game time that was. Building and maintaining muscle should be taken out too; hand to hand combat should just be improved through fighting and sparring. Melee combat could be improved a lot in the next GTA. I'd like to see additional combos (weapon combos would be cool), a block move that actually has practical use, and some grapples or throws. A few additions and an improved fighter AI for enemies could make street fighting fun in GTA 4. The "multiple fighting styles" didn't work well in San Andreas, and they should either expand upon these to make each style substantial, or drop them for a single move set. I don't know about taking damage/dying in car crashes. I think the you're-fine-till-you're-on-fire system they have now works pretty well.
  4. MIDI the Elf

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Back to the game. (Dude, you need to reconcile your differences with the residentially challenged) Aquatic life needs to be improved for GTA 4 -How 'bout changing tides (high and low), and actual surf? The waves in San Andreas were practically nonexistant. -There should be more civilian boats on the water, and the police shouldn't just ignore you when you crash your ride into the lake. Maybe they could give you a ride to shore (if you don't have a wanted level). -Underwater secret areas sound cool, as long as the textures and marine life are improved. It would be nice to see animals that interact or respond to you somehow. Maybe you could hitch a ride with a dolphin. -It would be nice if there were some rivers, with rapid portions and calm portions, maybe a kayak vehicle operated like the bike in SA. -Peds should swim, and you should be able to get scuba gear. -Add sharks and stinging jellyfish in saltwater areas. That would make swimming a little more interesting.
  5. MIDI the Elf

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Now we're off topic. When you say "white" (in reference to skin color) you shouldn't say "african american" for the sake of political correctness. Its a pet peeve of mine when people do that. When searching for a label to specify race, America can't seem to agree whats acceptable. "Black" is a color (or the absence of it, technically speaking) and "African Amercian" suggests pride in one's heritage. Same thing with the use of "white" and "Caucasion American." So we're either all colors, or the product of our individual heritages, so long as we're equal. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut and not try to point out hypocrisy. Anyway Dude's suggestion is bogus because R* couldn't hire anyone to do the voice acting for a character of non-specified race, and why would we want to pander to the white supremacist gamer in the first place?
  6. MIDI the Elf

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I think people misunderstood me. I was talking more about the music getting redundant than just disliking certain songs. The reference to the hard drive was because xbox users (with their hard drives) can upload their own music. Sorry if I wasn't very clear. By the way Dude, adding underground, jazz, and classical music to create a better radio is part of my wishlist. But while I'm at it, what about a subway system (kinda like in III, but with many more destinations) that can take you a few blocks away or across the map? On the destructive side, I've always wanted to be able to plant car bombs at will. A better melee combat system would be nice too. PS. It takes an unconscious racist to use "white" and "African American" in the same statement.
  7. MIDI the Elf

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I was dissapointed with the SA soundtrack. There's nothing worse than listening to "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Freebird" 1000 times because you can't afford a hard drive. R* should take a hint from Neversoft and add more B-List and underground music to GTA 4, saving them the hassle of paying royalties to big time bands. They shouldn't omit bonified classics, just lean more to the quantity side when dealing with 100+ hrs of play time. Jazz and Classical radio isn't a bad idea either, and the more talk radio and parody commercials the better.