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  1. Ok, I made a model and tried to add nvc in 3ds Max 9 (through Vertex Illumination), but even if I make model super dark, ingame is showing a little brighter. I'm using Deniska's DFF export script to export models with nvc. I think those 4 params needs to modify: Deniska's DFF Export Properties Screenshot And for record, it doesn't export a good day vertex color too. Let me show you some pics of my model: Day Color Night Color I also created a BUMP topic, that only uni replied. It was about prelighting your model same as R* one, but I think nobody knows. Please help !!!
  2. No, is not there, too !!!
  3. No, It's not part of GXT Files, I think its part of pictures. ...GTA San Andreas\models\txd I think may be.
  4. First of all, HI. I haven't been a bit long. I was busy creating DYOM missions. Anyway, I have question for you. First, look this picture: So, how to change all this? (I mean, new style, change the '$' icon to something else, etc.)
  5. Probably your graphic's driver may do this. Try to install other drivers [ I'm not sure this may work for you ]
  6. ilir

    Make .cs files

    Ok I will try it. Scripting aren't easy job to learn...
  7. This is the main job, to make a snow rain. I've replaced quadbike with snowmobile and it's great. Then, I will make a ski where CJ will ski to the Mount Chilliad.
  8. Hi to all. I was wondering to make a .cs file (cleo script). So can someone helps me wich program to use and some examples of scripting on cs files. (I want to park a car near Toreno's ranch).
  9. thanks man I have founded the stripped main.scm.
  10. How can I remove the GTA SA mission script so the game will not have any missions? Anyone know?
  11. The next game will be GTA Winter Edition. This game will turn gta SA to winter, to looks like christmasy, pepsi trucks, coca-cola machines etc. This game will be on downloadable bases on 01.01.2010. Who wants to leave ideas for this game, how it will look, or advices, click here, or you can leave here on this topic.
  12. Hi. I have founded a full version of this game. Ok. Bye
  13. San Andreas, for sure.
  14. You're new on this site, I see it. Your mod will be approved automatically when the moderators will check it. So, don't worry, your mod will be approved soon !!!
  15. The mods I've collected from other peoples, I have asked them for permissions to use for my game. And, you don't need to leave reply to this topic. You don't need to tell me HOW it is called, I know better from you know. And, I have posted this topic for peoples who wants to download GTA Las Vegas, not for peoples like you, to leave comments, like it is stolen or something else. So, CHILL OUT.
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