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  1. Nah, I bet it dint lag at all WRX, they proly had it on 800x600 low : all values defaulted to "1" : lol Actually I briefly saw an article that AMD was OC "Phenom II" to 5GHz, I think thats the triple core cpu .. It seems that all the hardware/software developers need to get together to take advantage of all the available technology & keep up w/ one another. Like, why design hardware that promises "x" performance & use that as a selling point for this costly product when the software can't take advantage of it till some time in the future & thats ONLY IF software developers even plan to support it, the same w/ software. Develop this great new software that does so much but then you can't obtain hardware that supports these nice lil capabilities cuz it doesnt exist yet and may never !! Anyways, I'm surprised the game runs pretty decent on my system finally. Its sucky that so many problems exist but despite my troubles & how PO'd I got, I still can say I'm glad I did get the game.. Frankly I was curious of its graphics but also wanted it for modding .. Sorry I can't offer a fix Phiz ..
  2. K, first "..I did not want to join the Mickey Mouse Club or participate in Windows Live. But in order to install it's neccessary. After a couple of hours of failed to connect and trying to do something called a link...." Its NOT a req to sign up for R* social club, you just have to exit out/skip those windows, that is annoying specially on every instance of running the game.. Windows live, well I can't say its not necessary to sign up, because I had already installed my game & signed up for windows live BEFORE I learned that you DONT have to be to connected or signed in to save and load your game.. Well I decided once to just disable my net connection, upon starting up the game, it prompted me to sign in, I attempted to, it then realized there was no connection and notified me, I click ok, the game continues and my saved game loads.. I can go to my safehouse and save/load w/ out error... I havent tried bypassing signing up at all.. So you have 2 graphics cards ? I see the 320MB but what does the main one have ? And for that matter which are you using, are these the unsupported SLI or you just switch display adapters manually ... Also in the spec list I dont see your cpu listed .. The issue w/ his glitchy phone, seems to have something to do w/ those "controller" files/drivers, I dlded some to try w/ my Ps3 controller and had the same problem it dint even work either but soon as I got rid of the files, everything was fine. I was also getting that error about RGSClauncher I'm guessing ? .. The social club exe may be in your startup folder.. You could either try to delete it there to make it stop tryin to autoload or if its not there then run RGSC, & once its in the tray, right click and deselect "start w/ windows" or whatever it says.. The way I ran RGSC was to go into your R* games folder, then into the social club folder, then, in my case, there is a folder like 1_1_3_0, go in it and copy the RGSC.exe file from there, stick it in your startup folder or simply create a shortcut to paste to your desktop so you can start it manaully...
  3. Here are the R* specs joel "Supported Operating Systems * Windows Vista (plus Service Pack 1) * Windows XP (plus Service Pack 3) plus DirectX 9 plus Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Minimum * Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz * Memory: 1.5GB * Free Hard Drive Space: 16GB * Video Card: 256MB NVidia 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900 * DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card * Keyboard * Mouse Recommended * Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1Ghz * Memory: 2GB (Windows XP) 2.5GB (Windows Vista) * Free Hard Drive Space: 18GB * Video Card: 512MB NVIDIA 8600 / 512MB ATI 3870 * DirectX 9 compatible Surround Sound Card * Keyboard * Mouse "
  4. I tried to do a quick google search and I thought cool this is like his, it ref'd a post you made at "notebook forums" lol WRX, I remember seeing the vid-your avatar-you think that was a race version of - "its off through the woods to Grandmothers house we go", LOL but it had to hurt!) WRX is right but I think its less hungry more like starving, certainly at more optimal settings.. Have you lookt at the RECOMMENDED specs, these are not "exceeding recommended", gheez, how about a system w/ 5 top of the line DDR5 cards, 10 quad core cpu's, 1 TB DDR4 ram, that might run it a lil better.. Still, quite a few ppl have been complaining about framerate and everybody wants it to look stunning but jus leme tell ya, I was immensely pisst when I got mine the day it was released, I had preordered over a month AND traded in some other games as a credit.. Then to get it and 4 days later I still wasnt able to play it w/ out this http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/8364/gtash2copysi7.jpg & http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/6201/gtashagainmt1.jpg It really suckt, I know we want it "perfect" but to deal w/ those issues I dealt w/ & some folks sayin, I'm gettin 38 fps instead of 40/60, I feel like, freakin-eyy, leme jus get to play where I can SEE the road & buildings b4 I run into em.. I seemt to have fixt all that now .. http://img389.imageshack.us/img389/9762/gtahuh1gv4.jpg I dont run the game in that high of settings now, I did back them down some, I dont have all that high framerate but I'm jus glad to be able to see where the heck I'm goin .. And ofcourse mod Was there any difference in the game before or after that game patch Phiz ? I noticed quite a few ppl complained of new problems AFTER installing the patch .. I havent yet, I'm into modding and some reported problems associated w/ that. I agree, poor coding can certainly create problems but again so can having hardware thats not up to the standards w/ which the software was designed to work w/ at "x" settings. I dont think you can really compare (GTAIII) to this'n. Its not far from saying, why doesnt Vice City run as well on my pc when "pac man" runs perfect. I take it you're getting your fps from the in-game benchmark, I'm jus not sure how reliable the benchmark is .. The benchmark test lookt much better than the in-game play.. :: shrugs :: I've only ran it twice, I had 22 & 24, pretty low I guess, specially compared to "I have 38 instead of 60"... It runs about as I expect considering ..
  5. Hi Faheem, I'd be interested to know the interface of that card because there are atleast PCI and AGP listings for it.. Some info utilities on your pc are: "DxDiag" & "msinfo32" you can initiate them from the "run" dialog to check the specs on your card & other components, you can visit the website of the manufacturer of your card. I say this cuz the PCI, I saw listed it as a DX9.0 compatible ... The AGP I saw didnt have DX info listed. They did list the mem as DDR which is abit older now as well as slower clock speeds but indicated it could run Vista w/ out all the "fancy visuals" .. TM is right, I never really liked to run things based on "minimums", however, sometimes you can try to squeeze by on certain things but .. Heck I'm jus barely over the minimum tho in cpu & sys ram spec but after workin out soma the "bugs" I can play the game pretty well on lower settings about half way or lil under ..
  6. Are these 2 diff operating systems installed on separate pc's or the same ? If different then assuming you moved the graphics card from one pc to the other, it may not be easy to say, pending the differences in hardware & software installed on the pc's .. Its normally good to list system specs, OS, cpu, memory, card.. Otherwise you may try checking what processes are running in the background.. Perhaps it is a driver issue.. Another gamer on here has been havin probs w/ framerates but he says his are WAYYYYYYY low.. The ones you have frankly, sound good compared to most .. Alotta ppl I seen have frame rates in the 20's .. again R* stresst ppl can't expect the best outta the game even w/ good pc's ..
  7. Sorry, I know its like being askt 20 questions ... I hate being askt again and again & not finding a solution.. Superfetch is a service Vista uses to "increase performance" by pre-loading data you used often, into memory so instead of the cpu goin to the drive, locating data, loading it into memory & starting up, its already in memory.. Like I say some say its good for games, bad for games or no effect.. Services are found in "administrative.."\ services .. YOu can enable/disable services and customize whether they start manually, automatically or not at all.. I don think sfetch is proly causin the problem, jus during "brainstorming" you try to think of software/hardware thats related to the thing you seem to be havin trouble w/.. I lookt around & there are some hits/misses I guess.. Is your low rate present in single/multi or both ? Not sure about the catalyst, it jus something I member my eyes running across during the last week+ of hunting through problems & solutions of mine & other ppl's.. It may have been a reference to updating it or removing entirely I can't remember .. If you have a legit copy of the game, its installed properly, activated, meet requirements of the game, hmm maybe not have any dvd duplication software or any malware etc, all other hardware is in good working order & all drivers updated, then I dont see why you'd be getting 1-2 fps in single plyr ?, especially when your pc has a fast cpu, good mem and well I dont know anything about the graphics card.
  8. Well, in order to go through "win update", you need internet explorer, its under "tools" - "windows update" takes ya to the update site.. However, if you google it, you can proly find a link to SP3 that you can dld independently outside of going through your browser, say if you're using Opera/Firefox etc .. cuz those wont register w/ MS's update site ofcourse ...
  9. K, when you had the game running w/ tskmngr open did you look at your performance tab to see what resource useage was reported ? I can't recall right off what my cpu useage was, I'm sure its up there like most ppl's but memory useage has usually been "reported" 1.6-1.85 GB out of 2GB .. keeping in mind however that windows uses superfetch to load data into memory thereby "using memory" whether an application is actually using it or not. I think the game itself aside from RGSC, uses about 1.1GB or less that is idle tho.. Even w/ no applications running, win reports only a few hundred MB of memory as "free" since its filled the rest w/ data it "thinks" I'll need soon.. Some ppl say disabling superfetch may help, others say keeping it enabled helps, I can't say its help or hurt, other than, its hurt w/ applications that run or perform a function according to a set value that demands a certain amount of "reported" free ram. Do you have, what is it, ati catalyst, I thought some ppl reported issues either needing to remove it or to update it or something to that effect .. Have you run DxDiag to see if any probs reported & what your approx total video memory is ? Mine is approx a lil less than 1.3GB I know these things are intensive when it comes to textures and graphics memory useage, I used Riva to tweak my graphics card to OC it, and provide about 40MB additional system ram for textures.. I could proly benefit for more system ram, if not jus for that purpose dunno.. I'm not familiar w/ rfactor or live for speed, I think I had GTR2, hmm ... seemed like it was, dint play it much but ran fine ... The other GTA games, (w/out mods) would run flawlessly on my older system too, ofcourse those games were not as intensive as this'n.. Is that video card a new one you just bought or it came new in the system ? Have you checkt the bios for any optimization options for your video card like any speed settings etc (I'm assuming its PCIexpress) ? Have you tried googling for problems similar to yours w/ your type of hardware ? Do you have any mods or cracks installed ? HAve you installed the patch to the game ? I have not .. some say it makes no difference, some are having problems, some w/ mods I guess..
  10. I had some pretty rough slowdowns, I can't say for sure if its driver, mem or what have you... Thing is, the game does run on my pc enough for me to pretty well play it w/out compaining and its only 2GB mem and cpu slower than yours, how our cars compare I dunno .. I'm guessing your display signal is digital (DVI)... What settings do you have the game set to ? I've certainly lowered mine to make it abit easier on my pc.. What processes are running "in the background" .. Have you tried amd fusion ? I'm guessing you also have been to amd site to get vendor-specific drivers, uninstalling old ones first ..
  11. How about provide more info please.. I can see this is your first post but its a good idea to stick your system specs in your sig .. Operating System cpu system ram Graphics card Generally this means in abit of detail too, since there are variations in hardware/software, you could say I have a 330 graphics card, well its best to say Nvid 330 GxT 512MB (somethin like that) Same w/ OS, "Xp" - "XP Pro SP3" is better... I'm surprised at the low level of res cuz I can even run the game at 1440x900 on my machine w/ pretty fair settings .. You may need particular drivers, you may need update to the OS or hardware ... There could be some settings being overlookt, does your pc have sufficient power to run botha those cards at peak rather than it defaulting to a lower performance profile .. Got to have more info ...
  12. Ok, I've been looking for info on this as I thought it was ridiculous to have to be online to save.. I think its abit "misleading" when the lil messages appear about "you're not logged in, you need to login .. to save your progress" .. I cannot confirm at this point if you MUST sign-up/sign-in ONCE or not, since I already have 7 saves w/ my WLive profile.. All I can say is, I loaded the game, then up popped that message to sign in, well, I simply disabled my internet connection, in Vista you can right click the lil "network" tray icon, select "network and sharing center" then click "view status", "disable" ... I've left it disabled during gameplay, so to continue: I clickt my profile, tried to sign in it tells me of the network error, then it proceeds to load the game and it loaded my last save.. I later went into save, it saved!! so .... To re-enable the adapter, you can either right click the lil icon again and select "diagnose/repair" so you can enable it that way or via, right click "My Computer", select , "device manager", "Network adapter" right click the adapter "enable", it reconnects.. You can disable it using this method too .. whatever preference... In my case I have 2 pc's together so I can maintain net & gameplay independent.. Some of you may have programs, firewall software that allow you to quickly enable/disable net access..Furthermore there may be other more efficient ways, this is whats worked for me.. If someone does find any or this at the least, maybe it can be stickied..
  13. Well Dave, dont give up so quick, heck I've received more "help" from other gamers and from doin my own research than relying on tech support, it took them about a 3 or 4 days to reply & they simply acknowledged what I already knew, & provided an additional unlocky key, but mine was already unlockt, I emailed the key to them ... It dint address the prob so... All I seen you say in the initial post, as you found the saves, was that your frame rate was low, is that still unresolved ? And then in the other post on up you said you got a SUCROM error but never said what the error was specifically... If you dont want anyone else's help then ok .. otherwise need some specifics .. I know its proly pisst you off immensely but I'm tryin to help out...
  14. What securom error are you gettin ? Mine has no such errors anymore, even w/ modding, I HAVE NOT & dunno if I will install that patch, it snds like quite a few ppl are having the patch make no visual or very lil visual difference, some w/ mods said the game was gettin funky, it makes me wonder if its more of or atleast includes more securom crap, as I read up on sucrom, apparently those who institute it can alter its properties, basically offering customized updating.. Like I say, I don care about pirating, copying all that crap, anyone can check my account at the local gamestop & verify I bought it, gheez.. I jus like to be able to do really cool things like we have w/ past GTA games and other games as well .. I even edited peds file, this is what I got las night http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/2845/ladycopwc3.jpg It was like 1am so I dint stay on up to keep testing.. Ofcourse not having installed that patch, I wasnt able to save so ... but I'm checkin on that.. Yea, on the cpu, I was mixing hex & decimal counting, which hex is 0-9, a-f... Hey I'm finishing up a networking class now so w/ all them dang-gon numbers, my cables get a lil twisted pair, I mean "wires get crosst",
  15. Hi Shadori, Have you tried asking those other ppl what they did to get it running and try the same ? Also, its a good idea to post system specs like operating system (whats the latest, if any service pack is installed) cpu amount of system ram graphics card info
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