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    little help

    i am new to this forum so i need a little help for gta san andreas. ok let's start.first i downloaded gta san andreas then i played the whole but i get bored and then i putted some mods and i think i messed up gta3.img and player.img because that;s what i moding and when i start gta san andreas play on it and go to the save it always says error but when i didn't messed up it work well and the saved thingy to save file it worked then and i think i need the original player.img and gta3.img because i thinked wtf when it was the first time error when i save i push the save file and sayed want to save and i pushed yes and then error hmmmmm i think that i didn't backup that files and i need help pls send me a message where anyone would can to message me for some download site for that files pls i need help