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  1. Did it bollocks fix anything it only made my game worse i have no ammo signs no ingame sound wot so eva etc etc.. its even worse, i saw the same thing at steam forums
  2. Once someone creates a tool that can modify model/texture archives so we can replace them with our own. No telling how long that will take. I'm not a software programmer so I'm not sure what exactly they need to figure out before they can start working on writing such a tool. And yet the model format is different which we will need importers exporters/Covnerters for PLUS the Damage to cars Might be poly deformation if so its going to have to change some ways people model Vehicles so they deform Correctly on damage.(Btw i am a 3d Artist)
  3. Made my own Version of Opiums "Glock Rocket" And look what it works on ? clipsize 10 max ammo 1500 Can rapid fire rockets and other players in muliplayer can see it, If any one gets near me in game and has a cop on them they will fire rockets at that user as the cops use the glock makes me lol XD other players dont shoot rockets tho XD only NPC And Your self XDXDXD But ye ive done some of my guinee pig testing also my epic explosives work in multiplayer roflz No ones been bothered cuz i havnt abused it and done it out the way so ye :/ Also something else i had an idea for I was originally doin it thru the gta iv files But i might start making a custom browser hooked as an overlay in game http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=34nl5j4&s=4
  4. i use both ye, All tho i released this mod already on gtaforums and on here its still waiting to be approved on here tho.
  5. V1, http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_NgWpFgfd20&...feature=channel
  6. seems an idea ye ill see what i can what i can do about it, because im still not sure if the damge rate is also the force rate. Also Beta 2 added to topic post. Youll see what i mean by more realistic cloud bursts/flames and forces
  7. Wrong , Valve packs Gcf Steam is a publisher/distributer, Gtaiv is a common game non valve so its not gcf GCF is an archive for valve produced games/or games on there engine.
  8. [bETA] ExplosiveFX MOD IV Realistic bursts/ fun force Making a version with no damage just force with the realistic bursts "to get on buildings" Ignore music in videos was a quick option as i only listen to scouse doesnt match the vids with scouse lol. BETA 1 Powerful damage, and push. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FhTRpDZpCZs BETA 2 Powerful damage, Push, And More realstic Burst's for grenades/Rockets/cars I must say the car explosions in beta two look 10x better then original and beta 1 just my opinion http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_HoN5hP3WVc
  9. My thoughts on the new DRM currently in IV. Strictly pointless where i stand at the current moment. DRM is easy to bypass, And we all know how easy games are cracked these days. Alltho I dont blame them for Trying to secure the game, Business is business. But taking away modding abilities was a big hit at first when it first came to it when i pointed it out first day it was released i immediatly tried to mod iv. In my strong opinion many people bought gta iv for pc for beliefs of better performance and graphics and the near experience, but i strongly beleive because of the widely ranged scene in GTA Modding and we as i should say stripped of our privledges as a pc consumer. I must say i have nothing against R* but it is a major blow to the gta series, Any how back to project's i also was making an img archiver for ver 3 of the img archive iv's current. Alltho as openIv Is here its totally been scratched off my list, now either moving onto a map editor specifically for IV, all tho may not happen. All tho What i do know i will be making Mods for this game and not Name edits. For now thats the best we have My only concern is online play, My name mod is currently working in online mode, and ive yet to see why i would be banned for car names as it gives me no advantage over any other player besides having sexy names, besides the point if i were to get banned due to name changes i would seriously look into it. All tho at this current moment i highly suggest no one uses advantaged Mods on multiplayer.(im being a guinee pig and testing advantages on online to see if i get banned i dont care for multiplayer) Yours truely, Bobster
  10. Thanks for the feature, appreciated<3 much love I have more mods instore undergoing builds much love to openiv <3 respect here. Yours truely, Bobster
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