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  1. Snot14

    Police Siren Change

    Well thats stupid, they should of changed the Siren anyway, No since in keeping it the same.
  2. Snot14

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello to all, Just a GTA fan running into acople of cool GTA sites, and thought id join in on this one
  3. Snot14

    Police Siren Change

    Okay. Well im not shure about you guys, but the siren is really anoying to me, SO it seams to me that there is 2 parts of the siren, 1. The standerd horn you get when you first push the butten, 2, The horn when you hold it down. Iv looked through san andreas's files and the file format is diffrent. So if i was to change the Siren, how could i do this?