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  1. Damn! I think I would just about shat myself if I saw that pointed at me. Australia's gun laws suck so I don't have any at the moment, once I get my license I'll get a few but damn... And you just lean on the mustang with your rifle without a care in the world... I'm so jealous.
  2. Whatever, rapeo.

  3. I'm sorry but I have to break it to ya, I'm your supervisor.

  4. lol @ yours "Why hallo thar!"

    I'd tap it.

  5. Lick my balls

  6. Hey, I'm iKlipse, not exactly new.. Just through registration. I am 18, I live in Australia, and I'm originally from GTAGaming and I help out on moderation side there and all that so eh. What else to say.. First of all I love girls (they always come first in the hobbies and interests ), music, cars.. Pretty much everything a typical 18 year old likes really. I'm pretty easy going, I don't care about much so in other words I should be a piece of cake to get along with. GTA... To be honest is really the only game these days that I play, I lost interest in most others over the years. I own them all but I usually play GTA IV and when I do I'm mostly online so if you have a PS3 and want to have a game, my PSN can be found under my signature. Thats the best I can really do for a self introduction, see yas around!
  7. There I posted a comment >: [

    Now come to Vic.

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