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  1. after the patch the fraps overlay no longer shows they did not add extra anti theft protection. i play a cracked version on my retail game cause i don't like securom practices. i was able to use the same crack before and after.
  2. when you go to make your live account just click offline account, it will also make saves local rather then on the live servers. the activation and confirmation is different
  3. you should be able to skip it as long as you make an offline live account in game.
  4. specs: nvidia 9800 gtx amd athlon 64 6400+ 3.4 ghz dual core 4gigs corsair dominator 1066 mhz windows vista x64 this setup will dominate most games without question except GTA IV before the patch i got 15-25 fps usually around 20, playable but not ideal, what i would give to have the FPS i get when i'm in the tunnel over to the last island (45-60), it's so silky smooth i go out of my way to take the tunnel rather then the bridge. now i've just gotten the patch and guess what, i'm still getting the same fps but now i gave a couple bugs to work around to get it to look like it did before. here are my graphics settings: 1920*1200 (doesn't make much of a difference if it's lower) textures mid (setting to high causes textures to load very slowly as i drive around) view distance about 30 (before patch this made little difference visually, now unless you have it pretty fine tuned it seems cause problems with LOD) shodow slider makes no difference visually or on my FPS so i leave it at 1 i will also mention that i'm using a PlayStation to USB adapter as my game pad. works perfect for any other game but this one. i dont know why R* decided to leave out custom mapping for gamepads but i think it is simply lame and lazy. the game also likes to shoot my view to looking straight up unless i unplug my controller when i start the game and plug it back in after the game is loaded so i can use a 3rd party program called "xpadder" to map joystick controls to keyboard and mouse input. also, i run the game with the current command line input just to make sure it's using my computers full potential: -norestrictions -nomemrestrict -novblank –availablevidmem 1 -percentvidmem 100 -dx9 looks like we get to wait for yet another patch
  5. the irony is that someone that wants to pirate it just 1: downloads the 2 dvd's 2: intstalls it 3: installs games for windows and makes any updates for it and gets latest SP for windows 4: download and install a crack that is 1 file that needs to be copied over an original 5: skip Social Club Loggin and click play 6: make offline windows live profile in-game 7: play to hearts content for free with very little hastle, good thing they spent so much money on anti-piracy for the record, yes i payed for the game. but i used a crack to skip the activation crap. I hate securom
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