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  1. can you please load your content folder from your c:/user/localsettings/appdata/microsoft/xlive it has your specific gta4 profile

  2. i have downloaded your save game but wen i try to load it it says no file in hdd i followed your readme...my os is xp

  3. Hi.....I too need a save file but in recent browsing i found that the process is confusing..We have to modify two directories for xp in the local settings folder/app data folder go to microsoft folder where you will see the xlive folder which is your gta4 profile folder which has the specific user id...we have to modify the whole (copy and paste) the folder with the profile no, may be paste there so that we may have 2 profiles(iam not sure about this)...so wat we need 1. save game folder 2. xlive folder from the same user its worth a try but having a backup is safe.
  4. guys are there any saved games for the pc version..........its been more than one week and i see no saved games in the download forum.........atleast upload 50% so that it might be a confidence booster for the fellow gamers
  5. try in odyssey stores........
  6. its only 10$ in india so bought the original
  7. thanks ya will download xp sp3 can u give me a site for downloading it since mine is not the original version
  8. Iam getting the fatal error whenever i start the game as RMN40.........My system config is intel core2duo 2.2 Ghz 2 gb ram nvidia 512 mb graphics card windows xp sp2 i have downloaded the patch released by nvidia also
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