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  1. Mashanta


    Yeah, he PM'ed me too with an invitation to join SMCentral. I think he should be banned as PM advertising is against the rules. Maybe you should make an official PM spammer list topic, so people can go straight there to report PM spammers? Just an idea...
  2. Mashanta


    I do really like the colours and such of the second one, but my vote goes to the first one as it doesn't look so cluttered. Both very good, though.
  3. Mashanta

    Nintendo Wii

    I agree, that is stupid. I've never really liked Nintendo, though, to be honest - and don't plan on getting any future gaming consoles with their logo placed on it, especially not a something as stupid sounding as "Wii."
  4. Mashanta

    Bigfoot Fake Pictures

    Can I ask why you want to see fake pictures of something that's not even there?
  5. Mashanta

    Bigfoot Fake Pictures

    I imagine that this topic will only start rumours of bigfoot itself. I see it turning into spam and flaming. Bigfoot does not exist, therefore I see no reason to keep this topic an open and alive one, as such I'd see this leading to more and more rumours, and I imagine 'bigfoot believers' will start up something and try to prove that it's in the game. As we all know it IS NOT in the game, and Rockstar even announced themselves that he does not exist, nor does any other paranormal animals and people. But if mods/admins don't have a problem with this, then that's fine.
  6. Mashanta

    Trouble Playing San Andreas

    Nope, I just installed it, then tried to play it. I think I'll re - install it, see if that makes a difference.
  7. Hey all, I've just installed San Andreas for the PC, and I have the correct requirements (I think). But when I click on "Play San Andreas", it waits for a while then a message pops up saying "Original disc could not be found or authenticated". Now, I have Windows XP, Service Pack 2, AMD Duron™ processor, 1.79 GHz and 480MB of RAM. Now, that is not the case anymore, I can start the game up normally, the starting credits roll and the trailer sort of thing plays. But then, it comes up with a blank white screen, the fades to black, It now comes up with a menu that looks like this: Then, when I press the top buttons (assuming it's the play button), the music starts to play, then it closes down and I get an error message stating; "We have had to close down sa_exe, sorry for the inconvenience." Does anyone have any soloutions of what's causing this problem and how I can fix it? I'm going out of my mind here!