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  1. StonyX

    Create pcj

    Tutorial How to create a pcj .... Programs used! Adobe Photoshop CS: Click Here (Download Of Adobe Photoshop CS4) Format Factory 2.0: Click Here (Download Of FormatFactory 2.0) TXD Workshop: Click Here (Download Of TXD Workshop) - TGTAP Link Custom Brushes And Shapes: Click Here (Dwonloads Of Brushes,Shapes,Gradients,Icons.....
  2. StonyX


    Who knows how long and let the sparks change the color?
  3. StonyX


    Who knows how long and let the sparks change the color?
  4. StonyX


    What thickens and leaves the spark or longer?
  5. StonyX

    pcj600.dff error

    Who knows that the texture is not working! And how to work again! Click here to see the image!
  6. StonyX


    Somebody please can please change the edges of bike for me If to make can orders for my email: [email protected] Or you can you order a tutorial one (Video) as to make
  7. StonyX

    pcj600.dff error

    Somebody knows as to activate the textures in the motion after modified Why I elaborated bike. More the textures this not functioning
  8. I want to learn as to change to the hoop or the iron that is of low of the tire the wheel as it takes off of that skill of the game and boot for another one?
  9. StonyX


    Somebody knows because this more not functioning the site: www.gtastunting.net ?
  10. StonyX


    I want I export pcj600.dff to be able I modify the wheel of it!
  11. StonyX


  12. StonyX


    As it places pcj600.dff for the Zmodeler
  13. StonyX


    Somebody knows as it modifies pcj600.dff??
  14. StonyX

    How to modify. DFF the bike?

    More which version to 2 does not work! Zmodeler
  15. Anybody know how to modify only the wheels?