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  1. Very nice Sig's Could you make A sig for me to:?
  2. Hey its me GtaSaAbuse I modded The uranus, And now if i get near it, [i forgot to back up the orginal, Sorry :S] I Lagg Badly So Im asking if someone has the orginal Uranus.Dff and Uranus.Txd For me Somebody Wow, I waited a day, So i guess nobody got the orginal Uranus.dff and txd :'(
  3. Ok i will post it about those 2 Txd's n Dff's now
  4. What are your PC Specs? Cause i had Gta IV to But My graphics card Was To low for it
  5. Hey im new here on TheGtaPlace Could Someone Send Me the Orginal Uranus.dff And Uranus.txd? Cause i lagg When i come near U can Either Send on here Or Add me on msn and Send it My msn: [email protected]
  6. Hello im new to O and BTW, Does Some1 Has the Orginal Uranus.Txd And Uranus.Dff If so, Can u send me? My Hotmail is [email protected]
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