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  1. hello

    i have a problem when i download plenty of saved game from this site but none of them wount work i have deleted the gta_sa.set file and copy and pasted the downloaded game in the folder but when i try to start the game it just start from the beginning in the airport

    what am i doing wrong i have the 2.0 version installed from the cd-rom the game is working fine i just cant get the saved game to work

    please help


    Most probably you have downloaded version 1 save games. Convert them to version 2 at http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm

  2. hey im new to GTA modding, i have experience in fallout 3 modding but with GTA san andreas im trying to use one of the saved game files from here but everytime I try to start the game up and load the save file it just starts at the beginning with the Francis Intl Airport movie. what am I doing wrong

    I am sorry I didnt even look on the forum before posting, which I normally don't do, theres a thread a few down from mine which had the answer.

    You can convert your saves at : http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm

  3. what good would that do? i dont even have a save file every time i either dl a v1 version and put it in there or start my own game the save file gets corrupted other than that the whole game works fine

    Upload your corrupt save file. Want to see if it is really corrupt or your game is just saying that.

  4. well i downgraded san andreas, found a v1 save and when i go to load it says save is corrupted idk wtf is with it so someone plz help me oh yeah everything else works fine and last time i downgraded this it worked shipshape but now its bein an extreme analhole to me

    Upload your save file here. So that we can have a look at it.

  5. I downloaded a saved game from the download section on TGTAP now when I start the game the game crashes when it is done loading...any1 knows how to fix this problem (PS I restarted my computer and still doesn't work...)

    What version game do you have? If you have version 2, it won't load version 1 files. And if you have v1, then you can load v1 as well as v2 files, provided that you have put proper script files in data\script folder.

    You can convert your saves at http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm

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