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  1. hmvartak

    help to use downloaded saved game

    Most probably you have downloaded version 1 save games. Convert them to version 2 at http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm
  2. hmvartak

    GTA SA wont load saved games

    Upload your save file at http://gamebase.110mb.com/ and check your exe and script version.
  3. hmvartak

    Help with saved game please

    You can convert your saves at : http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm
  4. hmvartak

    saved games?

    Try converting your save file at http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm
  5. hmvartak

    GTA crashes after loading

    You can convert your save file from version 1 to version 2 & vice versa at http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm
  6. hmvartak

    need help save game file

    From where you are downloading that file?
  7. hmvartak

    need help save game file

    Make sure that the save file is of the size 202,752 bytes. If not, try downloading it again.
  8. hmvartak

    Saves Not working need help!

    You have version 2 game and probably downloading version 1 saves. You can convert saves between V1 <-> V2 at http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm
  9. hmvartak

    corruption for some reason

    Upload your corrupt save file. Want to see if it is really corrupt or your game is just saying that.
  10. hmvartak

    corruption for some reason

    Upload your save file here. So that we can have a look at it.
  11. hmvartak

    Badlands Save File

  12. hmvartak

    saved game help

    What version game do you have? If you have version 2, it won't load version 1 files. And if you have v1, then you can load v1 as well as v2 files, provided that you have put proper script files in data\script folder. You can convert your saves at http://hmvartak.110mb.com/conv.htm
  13. hmvartak

    Saved game problem! i need help!

    Which version of gta_sa.exe do you have? It seems you have v2 and trying to load v1 saves.
  14. hmvartak

    Life's a beach

    Glad to help!
  15. hmvartak

    Life's a beach

    Done! GTASAsf1.zip