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    Can anyone help me out on as to how to download the Gta 3 Beta mod. I know someone is working on it and there is a video on youtube actually showing gameplay of it. See it for yourself, here's the link, copy it to your browser trust me it works. Over NINE minutes of beta gameplay ! I just want to play it. BUT, if ANYONE knows of a mod that replaces ALL vehicle rims in the game with the Banshee rims, or sports car rims, PLEASE let me know, that mod would be good enough for me. I also already have a mod for the blue and white cop car from the Beta. A mod for the beta should have the following:Blue and white police cars, Sports car rims (banshee rims) for ALL vehicles, Vehicle bumpers were white, not silver or gray, Well, that would be more than good enough for me. Anybody write back. -Wes, gta gamer since Jul. 2002.