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  1. I was wondering if any of you guys knew how to add custom music to your Video in the Editor, it might be possible right?
  2. ExtraOrdinary

    [RELEASE] GTAIV Weapon Editor

    It doesn't matter where you put it. Well when I tried it, it won't show any of the weapons in the dropbox. Do I have to add them myself? and does this overwrite anything in the GTA IV folder?
  3. ExtraOrdinary

    [RELEASE] GTAIV Weapon Editor

    Where am I supposed to put this?
  4. ExtraOrdinary

    [REQUEST] Video Editor time mod

    I think you misunderstood me, I didn't say anything about when I'm editing the video, I was saying I wanted a real time not a random time, which means I don't want to record maybe 25-46 seconds or cause it's random. For instance when playing the game this happens: After I press F2 and go in and watch my clip this is what I get: and I wanted to record all of it! Get it now? DOn't care about the smileys they where just and example.
  5. ExtraOrdinary

    [REQUEST] Video Editor time mod

    Video Editor time mod I'm just wondering if there is a possibility to change the recording time, cause sometimes when capturing a clip you don't get everything you wanted. Sometimes it's getting activated by a sequence I didn't want , or other circumstances. I'm not the best guy when it comes to modding, I just wondered if you guys knew how to make it record longer than normal?
  6. ExtraOrdinary

    [REQUEST] Video Editor time mod

    That's what I thought about fixing, or at least one of you guys. I want a real time not a random time, if you understand. That way I know exactly what I capture...
  7. ExtraOrdinary

    [RELEASE] GTAIV Handling Editor

    Try to right click on the application and then run it administrator mode. Then try again, could work