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  1. Yeah I did, but I guess I didn't fiddle around with it enough. Sucks now I can't use it with SA:MP
  2. Hey, thanks for the welcoming Damn, I was really hoping it wasn't the ENB series mod. I used to have that but I could never get it looking that good, also I hear that it won't run with SA:MP because it counts as a hack Yeah I've already got a few CLEO scripts running, they can be really useful, but if I have to re-fill the cars, then I won't bother lol Thanks for the camera hack, I didn't know that came with the car health bar, I'm gonna give that a try
  3. Hey everyone, new here. Been playing SA and SA:MP for a while now, a while ago I found a modded release of SA with a few useful mods. I didn't wanna download the whole package because I already have the game, so I'm wondering if someone can help me: I'd like the graphics mod used in these screenshots. Also, is the bar underneath the money a car health meter? If so, I'd love that
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