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    Its in ''The Farm'' where u had to steal the combine harvester for the truth- behind the building on the left Hope it helps. Shane.
  2. ShAnE_ByRnE

    How to get more than 100 health

    I have a save file where I cheat like hell and my health is right up past your weapon slot- the only thing i can think of is all the cheating might have something to do with it
  3. ShAnE_ByRnE

    proof of flying!

    Did u get that on the mission with the ninja guy u hafta kill, or is there some other way? Looks sweet, well done
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    Go-Kart and SWAT Tank

    Thanks for all the help fellas. Shane
  5. ShAnE_ByRnE

    Go-Kart and SWAT Tank

    HELP!!! Any one know where to find the go cart and swat tank while not on a mission?!