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  1. Do you think telling me that something I've seen myself doesn't exist is why I posted? Maybe I wasn't clear enough. There is a silencer for the 9mm. That's not in question. The question is where to find it. It was on PS3, not a PC mod. Unless we are all ready to admit that PS3 gets more content than PC, I suggest we find someone that knows more than "There is no silencer"
  2. I was over at a friends house on their PS3 He had it in inventory an I activated it which put it on the 9mm It's in the game you NOOBS. If I knew how to get it I wouldn't be wasting my time on a forum asking about it. What do I have to do get a dev to send me a email that says it's in there for you to stop saying it's not in there? I tell you what if you don't have anything to say about where it's located or how to get it. THEN DON'T POST!
  3. Every place you search on the internet for GTA IV silencers you get the same childish forum pee pee contest. I played GTA on PS3 a few months ago an saw that there is a silencer for the 9mm. It's a stand alone item in inventory that you activate (which puts it on the 9mm) I don't have a PS3 though, so I bought the PC GTA IV. I think it's better anyway. Besides I built this PC. Getting GTA IV to run well though was a nightmare. Took a few days. For $50 they should ship kick a** drivers with it too. Anyway so today I walked into a lawers office an killed him next to his desk. There were guards spread out in the entire building. I didn't want the heat on me so I beat him down an gutted him like a fish with the knife. Hit's getting messy, an the random a**holes on the street I end up shooting in the face Has led me to start looking to get a silencer. I know it's in the game, If it's in PS3 then it's in PC. PC always gets more content anyway. How do we find it though? I heard a rumor that some underground cat has it.
  4. Mechinizums FTW! LOL You all should read more. A bullet travels faster than the speed of sound. You ever see a rifle shot from far far away? The bullet hits an then a second or so later you hear the gunshot. You should read stuff like the fight club book or no country for old men book. You take a few inches or so of extra barrel length with tons of holes drilled in it welded into a hairspray can stuffed with fiber glass. It's pretty simple how it works. The silencer slows the bullet down to below the speed of sound. That's not really why it works though. The bullet has to be slowed down enough so that the sound wave created in the chamber reflects off the backside of the bullet to cancel itself out and probably somewhat absorbed by the fiberglass. You also have to keep the barrel from exploding. This even works on shotguns because of the plastic piece behind the buckshot or in case of slug shells the slug is just slowed down like a normal bullet. Silenced shotgun! OUUUU it's so evil. Did you see the movie "no country for old men" Antone Chugar in that hotel with a silenced shot gun "FORGET ABOUT IT"
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