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  1. Captain Chickenpants

    A couple of newbie questions.

    Thanks guys. Thats a big help, especially knowing what the star is for! CC
  2. Captain Chickenpants

    A couple of newbie questions.

    Hi, as a complete newbie at the GTA games, I decided to get LCS for my PSP. I am enjoying playing the game, but I have a couple of questions. 1) What is the blue bar that sometimes appears in the HUD? 2) Stunts, I have found a place where I can attempt a stunt (it is a ramp that jumps over a building), but every time I try I get the Message 'Unique Stunt Failed' what might I be doing wrong? 3) At various places I see a star icon, when I go up to them nothing happens, what are they for? Cheers, CC