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  1. I realize the OP is years old, but since there wasn't really a definitive answer, I'll go ahead and post my own.

    Ever notice that the silencer has a far greater volume compared to the thin barrel? The idea is that the pressurized gas behind the bullet gets a bigger space to expand into, thus causing the gas pressure to drop significantly. When the bullet and gas finally exits the silencer, the pressure will have dropped from some 3000 psi to about 60 psi (depends on the weapon ofc), which obviously results in the noise being greatly reduced.

    And that is pretty much how it all works. :)

  2. I wouldn't hold my breath, the trailers are always appealing, but the movie fail to deliver. I'll watch it, but my expectations are at an all time low.

    In other words, I'm all set to be pleasantly surprised!

    EDIT: And thanks for posting lol

  3. Hello everyone, thought It'd be a good time to start my first topic. :)

    I searched the forum for a general screenshot thread of everyone favorite games, but I only came up with a CSS thread and various GTA threads in other boards. If there is a one that already covers this, please point in that direction and we'll leave this one for the grim reaper. But until such an occasion, I might as well start of the thread with two pictures of my own!

    I'm quite the Crysis fan, so most of my pictures will be of that game. Enjoy, and click the pictures for full size.

    walkonthebeachmr1.jpg psychoexecutionpp9.jpg

    I pose the character in every shot manually, so I put relatively lot of effort into every shot. Hope you like em!

    And don't be shy, chip in with your own shots of whatever game you desire. :)


  4. Cheers m8, you don't seem too bad yourself. :)

    Yeah, it's a nice signature alright. I just want everyone to know that I didn't make it, my photoshop skills are....lacking, to say the least.

    I merely provided the photo and someone else did the magic. :awesome:

  5. I've only been across the border to Norway once, but not to Oslo. It's a nice country, just like all other Scandinavian countries.

    Compared to Sweden it is more or less the same, except everything is more expensive over there. Everyone can speak English, so you won't have any problem getting yourself understood. Isn't really much more to add, enjoy yourself and absorb in the culture. As a Canadian I think you'll fit in quite well, good luck m8!

    May I ask what brings you to Norway in the first place?

  6. Neither,

    Get a HD4850, it is roughly the same price range as a 9800GT and its performance far exceeds that of the nVidia card.

    Check it out, I'm fairly confident you can find a 4850 that doesn't break your budget, and you will get far more bang for your bucks. I don't know where you are purchasing it from, but I assume you're a newegg? Either way, 4850 is the way to go. It's the undisputed king of the mid-range scene right now.

    And if you for whatever reason can't go with anything but the two you listed, then go for the GT. Just know that the 4850 is the better deal, by far. :)

    EDIT: Seems Chris beat me to the punch. I side with him 100%

  7. At least you can take comfort in knowing that as soon as I reach outside the borders of my country, I get pretty bottlenecked.

    Every other countries infrastructure isn't up for the challenge. :P

    Your download is pretty good, Spider. Too bad about your ping.

  8. Everyone here seems to live in such exotic places, in the meantime I am the only one that lives in the northern parts of Sweden.

    It'll probably seem like in the middle of nowhere to you guys, but here are two pics I took the other day. Excuse the poor quality of the photo, shitty camera. :)



    EDIT; Forgot the name. I live in a town called Vännäs.

  9. People who talk about their own talents/abilities either true or untrue when not asked to do so.


    Then there's all the standard annoyances, fanboys, ignorance, racism, disrespect and so on so forth.

    Just gotta stay positive and shut these bad things out, I believe there is a good saying that could be used to demonstrate this.

    "When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile."

    One of the things that gets me through the day. :)

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