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  1. GTA 4 Guy

    GTA: London, too many issues?

    Good response, I agree. Just no blowing up buses/trains/buildings... But that takes out the fun, doesn't it?!
  2. GTA 4 Guy

    GTA: London, too many issues?

    No I understand that, but if they decided to remake it in the future. The GTA London was from before the attacks, maybe things will change now?
  3. GTA 4 Guy

    Next-gen GTA release date revealed?

    Sounds believable, we get a new game every two years, it will be around there I'm sure.
  4. GTA 4 Guy

    GTA Spain anyone?

    The pic that leaked is pretty cool, even though it was fake.
  5. Do you think the recent London Bombings could prevent "London" happening as a GTA Location in the future?