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  1. thx for all the anwers guys but i got it to work now, i dont know what i did right this time, but now it works
  2. im on vista yes and what is OS again? sorry im so stupid lol
  3. i just reinstalled gta 4 for the 3rd time but now it wont launch it just says that it stopped working...
  4. I have read the readme and tryed alot of different things but i just cant get it to work anyone who wanna explain how to?
  5. I put all the files for "terroist niko" in to where it should be but now i dont want to play as him anymore how do i know what is the terroist niko files and not the original files
  6. maybe there already are some out there but i would love to see someone make a scooter like an aerox or sonic or gilera runner. I can post some blueprints too if anyone decides to make it
  7. will this come out for the ps3 and pc too?
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