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  1. stealth15psi

    Patch Question

    Ok, I feel like a doofus. My firewall was blocking Live! so it wasn't initializing the patch, even though I downloaded and installed it manually. Sorry for the dumb question
  2. stealth15psi

    Patch Question

    I installed patch over a vanilla install of GTA IV, but the Water/Reflectio/Shadow sliders aren't showing up in my graphics menu, and neither are the Definition or VSync toggles. Where in the game can I check the game's version so I can be sure the patch installed correctly? Thanks
  3. stealth15psi

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Thank you for the replies. I went ahead and installed and played for about 6 hours with these settings. 1024x768 Texture Quality-Medium Render Quality-High View Distance-50 Detail Distance-50 Vehicle Density-50 Shadow Density-8 Resource Usage 458/493 During sunny daytime FRAPS shows my FPS anywhere from 15-30, nightime in the rain only 12-18. I didn't do anything except install the game, patch, and forceware 181.22, so I think there is some tweaking that can be done to squeeze out a few more fps. Overall I am pretty happy, I built this pc christmas of '05. Hopefully the game doesn't get too much more resource hungry as the game progresses. I hope someone with a system similar to mine will find this info useful. Again with my comps stats: AMD 4400+ X2 Geforce 7800gtx 512 2 gig RAM Windows XP SP3
  4. stealth15psi

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Hi, my wife is on her way home with my copy of gtaiv, but after reading this thread I am worried I might not be able to run the game. AMD 4400+ X2 2 gigs RAM 7800gtx 512 Raptor HD Mostly I am worried about the video card, since it is a 7 series, will the game even be allowed to load? I have no doubt the card can handle the game, albeit at lower settings. I run Crysis at mostly high settings at a good framerate. Once I open the box I'm stuck with the game and can't exchange it, so if it won't even load I don't want to bother. Thanks