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  1. Ok , This is the skin i edited, but the Jersey looks a bit Untextured and like a cartoon, it's messed up and u can almost see Cubes in it, How do i improve The Texture of the Skin and make it look To Fit on GTA. Post any Tutorials, Programs With Tuts, And every thing that can make it better i really need this atm
  2. That is great. The idea started from when my counsins in Macedonia had a mod called GTA Srbija (GTA Serbia) which I thought I could beat and did. Is the GTA Makedonija working good for you? Yup, I like it alot, i heard about the Serbija one too, but not so good. keep this up it might be between the First ones
  3. Hah Nice, i like the Macedonian Style, im a macedonian too my self , i'm learning how to Modd Skins i love this Mod, i will have it 4 ever Long live Makedonija >XD
  4. Export the TXD you get in player.img or other misc img. And edit them with Photo Shop and you would be needing some extra tools to edit in photoshop as you can get them to download These videos could be helpfull or just browse other related ones Hope that help you. THANKSSSS IT REALLY HELPED!
  5. Alright, I know how to Edit Skins like add Text, Change some clothes but i wanna learn to completley change them, like the face and stuff, As the Image is Mixed up, I wanna learn like how to Competley Edit it, and make the Colors Look perfect, not like Color of MS Paint on GTA:SA, Can some one point me to a Tutorial or something...I'm using Photoshop Cs3 + TXD Workshop.
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