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  1. Okay so I just registered...I played with the 1.01 patch or whatever it was and I was using terrorist niko (cool mod ) and I also had this trainer from Adrian Winata the Trainer v4 one with GUI (when you pressed F1 a dropdown menu appeared that would allow you to activate slow-mo etc etc.) So i've been trying sooo much to get it to work with the new version of GTA 1.02 and I just can't...It crashes and I end up having to go back to using the original files. I was able to use his V3 trainer to some extent and some kinda luck...forgot what I did to make it work. Anyways I'd really enjoy if it we could get a plain and simple mod like the Adrian Winata Trainer V4 mod again with GUI (drop down bars for you non-geeks) to activate cheats. Or at least point me in a direction of where I can get god-mode and slow-mo. Also a tutorial would be nice if needed. ATM i'm using SPARKIV to install mods etc finding it really good. Amazing what you guys put together, really is. Now help me!
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