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  1. XDK.S.A

    Looking for a car?

    where can i get toyota hilux nd camry 2008 and isuzu trooper
  2. XDK.S.A

    i need help in cleo

    hi i just installd a cleo for gta sa and i was wondring how could i install it to my game? it says add it to your cleo file wt the hell is cleo file???
  3. XDK.S.A

    Looking for a car?

    i want a good detail car from gta iv hurrrrrrrry up
  4. XDK.S.A

    Looking for a car?

    will i need 3 cars 1- toyota camry 2008or 2009 2-toyota hilux 2005-06-08 3-isuzu trooper 1988-92 and thank u for the great topic
  5. XDK.S.A

    SA-MP crashing my new comp

    hi try to update your graphics card i got nvidia geforce 512 mb and it works fine it is gust a guss iam not sure i got win xp x64 and it works fine and it works really good with win vista 32 and remember its just a guss
  6. XDK.S.A

    Introduce Yourself..

    ws up? all of ya iam a kind of new in ere so i will need help in this forum and a littel bit greating and let me see the greetings from all of you :innocent: >.< and here u go a good drift line for this forum and for information iam fastest38 u may know me in other online games maybe?? New_Text_Document.txt